harvest your love, for me

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A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I drove up to Algonquin Park with the intent of seeing the beautiful fall leaves. Little did we know that we were a bit too late in the season and missed it completely! The leaves on all the trees were actually bare, and upon speaking to a few other people in the park, the leaves were actually in the last stages of their fall colours just a week before. Still, we made the most of our little trip and just decided to explore the park and take some pictures, so here you guys go!

I wanted to re-create one of my favourite shoots that I ever did from last summer also in Algonquin Park. Although the lighting wasn’t as perfect as the last time around, I actually love how these darker shots turned out because it gives it more of a fall mood. Funny story, but we were literally racing against time as we shot these. The sun was setting and with each shot, it kept getting darker and darker. You can’t tell as much in the final pictures as I had to adjust the exposure so you could see me better!

For this look, of course I wore one of my closet staples – a maxi dress. You can’t take me out of my maxi dresses, but to make this a more fall inspired look, I wore this brown one with the most gorgeous back detailing.

Before we dive right into cheery Christmas music, I wanted to share with you guys a song that I’ve been loving currently. I actually made a playlist with all of my current faves and this one comes from it – Tash Sultana’s Harvest Love. I’ve always been a huge fan of her music and admire how she just does her own thing and jams out when playing live. She is truly so passionate about her art and it’s just mesmerizing to watch her perform. This song is probably one of her most raw and powerful songs and is perfect for this time of year. It’s all about letting the demons that you’re battling deep down inside of you out. Releasing them out into the world whether it be through breaking down and crying, screaming, jumping, however it is that you find emotional release. Reason being, we all go through shit sometimes and that’s just the reality of life. Finding that release and being vulnerable with yourself is the only way that we can continue to live an honest and truthful life.Β  For myself, listening to music has always been a sort of therapy for me, and maybe it is for you too. There’s nothing more powerful than knowing someone else gets exactly how you feel and is able to find the words to say it through a song, in a way that I could never.

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