one more sun to set, then i’ll cross the sea to you

IMG_7575IMG_7582Cardigan: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Jeans: Levi’s Ribcage Split Flares | Bag: VintageIMG_7602IMG_7576IMG_7614IMG_7590IMG_7615

Hi everyone! I feel like I haven’t done a regular blog post where I feature an outfit and a song, so this week we’re going back to my roots. You may not know this, but many times I will pre-shoot several outfits a few weeks in advance and about 3-4 outfits at a time. So as you are currently seeing these “fall” pictures, please note that in reality, it’s actually below freezing temperatures outside with a light layer of snow covering the ground. I was kind of hoping that we would have more than two weeks of Fall in Toronto, but hey, that’s Canada for ya. I still have a few more Fall outfits to post, so please bear withΒ  me. I’m just not ready to face the reality of the cold and winter!!

This week’s outfit is another rendition of the cardigan as a top trend that we are currently seeing everywhere. Can’t say that it’s going anywhere anytime soon because it’s not, and I’m not mad about it. I’m obsessed and have even stocked up on a few more cardigans to wear as such. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that I’ve been wearing cardigans as tops non-stop, including this super fluffy and soft one from Free People. The cardigan I’m wearing in this post with pearl buttons is one that I’ve also seen a lot of, and I’m pretty sure is a dupe for a designer one. I love them just paired with high waisted bottoms, and with a few buttons undone from the top and the bottom so that it’s not too grandma looking. I decided to pair my cardigan this week with some amazing high-waisted flare jeans. These ones are the Ribcage Flares from Levi’s, their most high waisted pair of jeans yet. I’ve been loving playing around with them because I’m so sick of my usual mom jeans and skinny jeans. Flares are making a comeback right now and I think they are so flattering on everyone! They make your legs look miles long and are just so fun and different from the jeans we’ve been wearing for the last few years. Definitely snag yourself a pair for this season if you haven’t yet (P.S. These Free People ones are also amazing and super 70s)!

Speaking of the Fall season, there have been so many great concerts recently! Two weeks ago I attended the King Princess concert and had the best time. Next week I’m seeing Clairo and I’m so pumped. And as I’m currently writing this, I’m jamming to The Maine because I am seeing them tonight for probably the 29349304th time. These guys are the most laid-back group of dudes in the industry and I always try to attend their show whenever they’re in town. They’re the one band that I’ve grown up with the most and still am able to resonate so much with the music they continue to put out. So for this week’s song, I thought I would feature a song off of their latest album. I’ve had their song One Sunset on repeat since it’s been on my Fall 2019 playlist. The song is pretty much about counting down the time until you are reunited with your significant other, also something that I’m sure many of us are looking forward to with the upcoming holiday season and friends/family. Fingers crossed that they play this song tonight and some old-school favourites too.

Let me know if you are also a fan of The Maine, and who is the one artist/band that you feel like you’ve grown up with. I would love to know!

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