the house don’t fall when the bones are good

88D65EFA-8DD4-4DF0-9B0C-612DA62695AE046DB93B-0B80-44C5-8783-9BE28101081FSweater: Free People Cosmos Sweater | Flare Jeans: Free People | Platform Clogs: Free People (sold out but these are similar)52CC30BC-6026-48F0-893A-0DDBB2BC92969F4AE433-5E9E-428E-B6C9-E052BBDFF3CD4267824B-1002-40B9-87F9-68B941EAFC87B43D21AB-3D4F-4905-8297-4E347FA25C2D

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last blog post. The last few weeks have been hectic for me. My boyfriend and I moved in together and everything happened so quickly. I’m not complaining though because it’s something that we’ve both been looking forward to for so long. I’ve also been having so much fun with decorating our place so I can’t wait to do a blog post on home decor and show you all what our place looks like! Decorating our place has felt like another creative outlet for me, kind of like fashion always has, but obviously in a different way. Stay tuned… a full home tour will be coming up on my blog and Instagram soon!

On to this week’s outfit! I’ve been obsessed with this tie dye sweater from Free People for the last few months. Not gonna lie, it was pricey even with my employee discount, but I’m obsessed. I wear it with leggings around the house, tucked into a high waisted floral skirt in a similar colour palette (we love mixing patterns!!), and it also looks amazing with flare jeans like I’ve styled in this blog post. I also can’t wait to just wear it as a mini dress with thigh high boots once the weather warms up. What really drew me to this sweater was the tie dye pattern (which definitely seems to be super trendy right now) but more than that, the colours! I love more muted and neutral colours, and it’s so rare to see tie dye in this kind of colour palette. That, coupled with the various ideas I had in my mind of how I could style this sweater, was how I justified this purchase haha.

Because this sweater is a longer length, it can definitely cut off your legs and make you look shorter if you don’t style it with the right kind of bottoms. I think flares are great because they always run long so when you wear them with heels, they automatically elongate your legs. Case in point, I had to wear these flares with my 6 inch platform clogs so that they wouldn’t drag on the ground. BUT, they definitely make my legs look longer and slimmer which was exactly what I wanted to wear with this sweater.

Since I just realized that this entire outfit is from Free People, why not share a song that they play at Free People all the time? If you guys didn’t know, I actually work part-time at Free People on the weekends, aside from my normal 9-5 job. I’ve been working there since September and I absolutely LOVE it! The ladies are so kind and sweet, and of course, I love the clothes. Free People has always been one of my favourite stores, so of course working there was always something I wanted to do.

A song that I noticed they play at work quite often is The Bones by Maren Morris and Hozier. To be honest, I randomly just heard this song at work one day and loved it but didn’t know who it was by, and then soon after, it happened to pop up on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. If that aint fate, then I don’t know what is lol. I don’t listen to country music much, if at all, and I know Maren Morris is definitely more country, but because this song is a collab with Hozier, it’s totally more up my alley! I’ve been loving this song so much recently and always play it in the car whenever I’m driving. Such a fun song to sing along to as well! Check it out below and let me know what you think!

That’s it for this week, hopefully it won’t be too long in between blog posts from now on. I’ve missed blogging so much but am still trying to get into the new groove of things so please be patient with me! To stay up to date with my day to day, make sure to follow me on Instagram because I try to post stories on there more often. Until next time!


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