Summer Outfits Recap

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a long time. First of all, I just want to apologize for not being active on here and keeping up with blogging. I can’t believe my last post was 3.5 months ago. This is the longest time I’ve ever gone without blogging and I’ve missed it so so much. To be honest, there’s no reason or explanation for my absence from blogging.  It just unintentionally happened. Ever since I started this blog, my goal was to be consistent and have a new blog post up every week. And I’ve done that (except for a few weeks here and there). Even when quarantine started, I told myself that this would be good because now I would have more time to focus on writing blog posts. Well clearly that didn’t happen lol. Since my last blog post, I guess you can say that I just didn’t really feel like writing blog posts when I felt like I had nothing meaningful to say and lost a bit of motivation. So many important things have  happened in the world since then that deserve our attention.

Well those weeks that I was absent on here eventually turned into months and now here we are 3.5 months later.  I want to slowly get back into blogging again and I can’t promise I’ll be as consistent at blogging every single week like I used to, but I definitely want to continue to share outfits and music like I used to! No more putting pressure on myself to whip up something every week, but rather blogging because I genuinely WANT TO whenever I feel like it.

Since I’ve been gone for so long, this week I’ll just be showing a recap of some of my favourite outfits that I’ve worn over the summer. I can’t believe summer is almost over now, but before we fully get into Fall fashion, these looks deserve a bit of attention πŸ˜‰


First up we have this STUNNING maxi dress from Free People. I actually had my eye on this dress for the longest time and when it went on sale, my boyfriend immediately scooped it up for me! If there were ever a dress that was made for me, this would be it. The style of it, the fact that there’s crystals printed all over, everything about it is literally so me. I decided to play up the crystal theme of the dress and pair it with some long layered necklaces with crystals pendants.


Next up is this dreamy dress from Danielle Bernstein’s Summer collection for Macy’s. I’ve been a fan of WeWoreWhat for years and am definitely one of those people that wakes up at 6am just to get first dips on her collection on launch day. That’s exactly how I got my hands on this dress. I love the vintage looking floral print and the style of this dress. It actually reminds me of all these gorgeous dresses I saw when I was on vacation in Positano last year. 


Scarf tops were HUGE this summer and I definitely jumped on the bandwagon. The best part is that you can easily thrift scarves for a few bucks and just tie them into a top yourself! The one I wore in this outfit literally cost me $5. I love the colours of it because it’s more pastel and light which has been my vibe this summer. Paired with a classic pair of white loose pants that go with any summer top, this was one of my favourite beach looks this summer. I’ve also been more into jewelry and love going all out with gold earrings, necklaces, rings, you name it! Chunky gold chains have also been trendy the last few months and I love how they’re also a classic that will never go out of style.


This outfit was from a fun day date that my boyfriend and I went on. We went flower picking at a farm about an hour outside of the city and we had the best time creating our own bouquet. My top is from Verge Girl that I bought last year. I love the thick straps that tie at the shoulder. I paired it with a little Levi’s mini skirt and some white sandals from Zara that I’ve been wearing all summer.


You can never go wrong with neutrals! For this outfit, I decided to stick with neutral shades but still have a bit of fun with it. I love this midi skirt that I thrifted a while ago. The style of it is very early 2000s and it just fits so well! I paired it with a basic brown ribbed tank from Brandy Melville, a beige mini bag that I also thrifted a while ago, and my white Zara sandals which were clearly my shoe of the summer.


The prettiest little puff sleeve floral dress!! This summer in quarantine, one of my go-to activities has been having sunset picnic dates in the park or by the water. I wore this dress on one of those sunset dates with my boyfriend. This dress is from Verge Girl last year. The soft pink with the white flowers is so pretty and of course you guys know I’m a sucker for anything puff sleeve. I’ve also been loving the big hair clips that women wore in the 90s! I picked up the one I’m wearing in a pack of 3 from Anthropologie and they’ve been a lifesaver for keeping my hair up and out of my face in the summer heat but still looking put-together at the same time.


This final look that I’m showing you guys encompasses everything that I’ve been obsessed with in terms of fashion this summer: the 90s/early 2000s vibe, soft/pastel colours, fun jewerly, and those white Zara sandals (duh).  This entire outfit is actually from Brandy Melville (knit cami, skirt and cardigan). The little flower beaded choker is something I made in quarantine and the gold hoops are from Urban Outfitters that I’ve also worn with most of my outfits this summer.

I’m so sad to see summer coming to an end but while it’s still slightly warm out, I’ll be transitioning my summer clothes to make them Fall appropriate. Stay tuned!

Finally, this wouldn’t feel like a regular blog post if I didn’t share with you all a song that I’ve been loving.  This summer my boyfriend and I have been obsessed with Butterflies by Fiji Blue. I’m pretty sure I discovered this song through my Spotify Discovery Weekly playlist a while back. I loved it and added it to my Summer 2020 playlist and every time we drove anywhere this summer, my boyfriend would play this song. Needless to say it’s definitely been on heavy rotation for the both of us these past few months.

That brings us to the end of this blog post. Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe! I promise I’ll be back sooner rather than later with another blog post πŸ™‚ 

2 thoughts on “Summer Outfits Recap

  1. Oh my goodness! Your style is perfection, I literally hope my style game can be half a good as yours! You look so lovely in all of the outfit combinations! I look forward to seeing more content from you! -Emma;)

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