if we’re honest, it will all be fine

06B66BA2-97F5-4C75-BB3D-DD2996E27185Crop Top & Cardigan Set: Verge Girl | Jeans: Vintage Levi’s (similar) | Purse: Vintage Louis Vuitton Pochette | Shoes: Aldo3E1F2714-0918-4C83-A624-2ACADD87F0155A561EA4-1B9A-4E08-94B9-901F8676F12A6C9CAD57-3FF0-490B-8B2A-E8EE993F0EE46DCF3B07-3334-411C-BE01-25662D62BCD3

The weather is finally getting warmer which means it’s time for Spring outfits! While we’re all stuck in quarantine, it’s important to still get dressed once in a while just to feel that sense of normalcy. This week I put together a neutral Spring look. The star of the show… my vintage Louis Vuitton Pochette bag! I purchased this at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show which took place the weekend before the quarantine started, so I’ve had no where to wear it since. I’ve been DYING to take it out so I decided that on this day, I would get dressed and do just that. Although we only went for a walk in our neighborhood, my new Louis finally got to see the light of day and that’s all that matters!

I am loving how little 90s/early 2000s mini bags have been making a comeback for about the last two years. I’ve collected so many vintage ones by thrifting them and couldn’t stop playing dress up with these mini bags since last summer. And clearly I’m still loving this trend. I decided to splurge a bit more and get the Louis Vuitton Pochette because it’s a classic and will never go out of style. On top of that, the classic LV print is also pretty neutral so I feel like it will match with several things in my closet. I can’t wait to style more outfits with my bag!

This week I decided to keep the entire outfit neutral and really let the bag stand out on its own. I’ve actually been really into neutrals lately so pulling this look together was a no-brainer. I wore this lightweight knitted two-piece top and cardigan set from Verge Girl. I love sets like this because you can wear them together or mix and match with other pieces in your closet. They’re so versatile! For my jeans, I wore these vintage white Levi’s that I got for $20 at a local vintage shop. Of course I finished off the look with a neutral pair of booties and my new bag. This look is crisp and fresh, perfect for Spring!

With the warmer weather comes new music perfect for the Spring/Summer season. A song that came out recently is Wallow’s new single “OK”. If you haven’t heard of this band, perhaps a familiar face will draw you in. The actor that plays Clay Jensen from the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, Dylan Minnette, is actually one of the singers and guitarists of this band! To be honest with you, I had absolutely no idea he was part of the band. I had been listening to Wallows for a while now but had never watched their music videos and only then did I realize this! Anyways, if you’re into fun alternative/indie rock music, I highly recommend taking a listen to them. Their song “OK” has been on repeat for me recently. Although it’s about making it through a relationship alright, there are so many verses within the song that kind of remind me of the pandemic we’re currently in as well. Although our current situation is less than ideal, at the end of the day, we will all get through this pandemic together and everything will turn out ok.

Until next time, stay safe everyone!

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