i’m holding onto my daydreams

IMG_6496IMG_6532Blue Dress: Vintage | Purse: Vintage (so many cute ones on Etsy like HERE and HERE) | Sandals: Zara (similar) | Earrings: MejuriIMG_6522IMG_6528IMG_6499

Taking it back to about a month ago when my boyfriend and I were on our wine country weekend getaway through Picton, Ontario, we happened to stop by this little beach. Earlier in the day, we had just finished up some wine tastings and were looking for another activity to do for the rest of the day. Well we ended up driving to this little beach, and as soon as we got there, the clouds started rolling in, the waves were ginormous, and man was it windy! I had wanted to shoot some pictures by the water in this baby blue dress, and these extreme (ok, maybe extreme is a bit obnoxious) weather conditions were not going to stop me. You can tell in the pictures how windy it was by the way my hair is blowing, but also, I’m literally facing the same direction in every photo. That’s because of the direction that the wind was blowing. If we shot in any other direction where I wasn’t turned to the side, my hair ended up looking like I had just been electrocuted (maybe I’ll share those outtakes some day). So there’s a little BTS for you guys.

The reason I wanted to share this outfit though is because I’ve been loving softer and more muted colours recently. Although more commonly associated with Spring and Summer, I see these pastel shades still going strong into the Fall. But unlike Spring/Summer where you would typically wear pastels on their own (like I’ve done here), for Fall we’re seeing them mixed with classic autumnal colours like brown, maroon, navy, and burnt orange. I think it would be so fun to try and style my pastel pieces into the Fall, so perhaps that’s something that I will save for a later blog post. Tell me, how would you style pastels for Fall?

To go along with this week’s outfit, the song that I’m sharing is literally titled the same colour as the dress that I’m wearing – Baby Blue by Rence. I found this song a while back from watching a vlog on Youtube where this song was in the opening. Initially I thought this was a new Post Malone song that I hadn’t heard yet. If you listen to it, his voice definitely gives off those Posty vibes. But after googling the lyrics, I came to find out that this song is by an artist called Rence. It is such an easygoing yet sweet song. One of those songs that just reminds you of how lucky you are to be in love with the one that you’re in love with. To appreciate them every single day and to enjoy the time that you spend with them. Give it a listen below as it’s definitely one of those songs to cuddle up to your s/o with as the weather starts to get chillier.


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