A totally FREE outfit

IMG_7034Full outfit is vintage/thrifted from BUNZ!IMG_7049IMG_7037IMG_7045

Okay, so you might have read the title of this blog post and wondered, “totally free outfit?!” And I don’t blame you, it sounds too good to be true right? Well it’s not! And I’m not talking about free in the sense that this outfit makes me feel free or some deeper hidden meaning like that. I literally mean free. As in this outfit cost me a whopping total of $0! So how did I acquire this outfit without spending a pretty penny? Let me introduce you guys to my new favourite app, BUNZ! Before I go on, let me just point out that this post is not even sponsored by BUNZ. I genuinely love this app and have spent an embarrassing amount of time over the last few months on it.

How BUNZ works is that it’s a trading app. You list items that you no longer need or do not spark you joy anymore. At the same time, you can browse a ton of other items that other people have listed. If you see something you like, you can make an offer to trade items. The whole point of this is to get rid of things you no longer need and at the same time, acquire some new things that you have use for! It’s a sustainable way to acquire new goods since you’re recycling and keeping items out of the landfill by passing them on. And the best part, there is no actual money involved!

There is also an ISO (in search of) list that you can fill out on your profile so that when people make you an offer, they know what you’re looking for and can perhaps offer you something from your ISO list. And if you can’t figure out a trade, there’s always BTZ. BTZ is cryptocurrency which can be used within the BUNZ app (FYI, 100 BTZ is equivalent to about $1). So if there is something that you want, but you have nothing to offer either from your own profile or within that person’s ISO list, you can always see if they will accept BTZ for the trade instead. The BTZ can then be spent on other items within BUNZ, and there are also several local businesses in the city that accept BTZ as a form of payment! How cool is that? Support your local businesses, people! BTZ can also be earned by referring friends to the app, from completing the daily poll in the app and by listing new items. Once you figure out a trade, it’s up to the two of you to determine a place and time to meet up and swap goods.

BUNZ was actually created in Toronto and is now in all major cities across Canada (I believe some in the States too). However, if you’re not from a major city here, you can always start by listing some items through the app and recruiting friends to join! The more people that eventually start joining, the more your local BUNZ community will grow. I can tell you firsthand how amazing the BUNZ community has been. All of my meet ups with people from the app have been so lovely and I can’t believe some of the amazing things I’ve scored!

Now that you guys have a better understanding of what BUNZ is and how it works, let’s talk about this end-of-summer outfit that I have on, courtesy of the app. First up we have this vintage lingerie tank top. I love browsing BUNZ for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, and I thought this top was just the cutest! Super on-trend right now as well. The girl that I scored this top from only wanted a few hundred BTZ for this. What a score! Next up, the pink shorts. These are also a vintage piece from the 90s. You all know that I’ve also been obsessed with longer, bermuda length shorts this summer as I mentioned in this previous blog post. This pair that I scored is also the most perfect 90s nostalgia shade of pink, so I knew I had to have them. The lovely Bun that I scored these shorts from had listed wine in her ISO, and since I had a ton of bottles lying around, I simply traded her a bottle of red for the shorts. And finally, the cutest little 90s Calvin Klein mini bag. Someone had actually messaged me on the app about a pair of shoes I had listed that I no longer wore. I browsed her profile and saw this bag and we decided to trade my shoes for her bag! I absolutely adore this bag and mini bags like this are a huge trend right now, so this just goes to show that you can definitely find trendy items on the app too! It’s not just people’s old and unwanted things. There is SO MUCH good stuff to be found! As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. And this couldn’t be more true with the BUNZ app.

With that said, I hope you guys now know that you really don’t need to spend any money to acquire new goodies in your life. And when doing so, you can feel great knowing that you’re doing good for the environment as well! I’ve always talked about how I try to live a more sustainable lifestyle, especially as someone who loves shopping. Aside from thrift and second-hand shops, BUNZ is my new best friend.Β Now youΒ guys can find some new treasures and declutter at the same time by signing up for BUNZ as well! And if you’re already on it, let me know what you’ve been able to score through the app. Happy BUNZING!


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