SFMW turns 2 years old!

IMG_6614Jumpsuit: Faithfull The Brand | Straw Bag: Free People | Sunnies: Nordstrom | Earrings: MejuriΒ IMG_6653IMG_6685IMG_6676IMG_6602IMG_6711mejuri picIMG_6741

Songs From My Wardrobe turns TWO years old this week!! I still can’t believe that I’ve kept up with the blog for two full years and published a blog post pretty much every week since then. I’m someone who gets tired of things quickly and has a hard time sticking with one thing, but honestly this blog has been so much fun and I’ve never become bored of it, even after all this time. Part of it is because this is just my creative outlet and I have the power to do whatever I want with it – write about whatever I want, take pictures of whatever I want, etc. I still have so much fun and try to challenge myself each week to get out there and find new and creative ways to style my outfits and find beautiful shoot locations. Over the past year, I’ve also become more and more interested in editing pictures in Lightroom! If you look back at my very first posts, you can tell that none of my pictures had a theme when it came to editing and in turn, when I posted them on Instagram, my feed was all over the place!! I honestly cringe looking back at my Instagram feed from the very beginning of my blogging journey haha. But I’ve learned so much since then and am having so much fun editing pictures these days that it’s probably become one of my favourite parts of blogging. Also, THANK YOU to everyone who follows along each week and engages with me either on here or over on my Instagram – I appreciate every single one of you!

So if you’ve been following since the beginning, you’ll know that my very first blog post was taken in a sunflower field. You can check that out HERE. Then last year when I celebrated the one year anniversary of the blog, we went back to the same sunflower field to shoot some more pictures to celebrate (check it out HERE). Well with keeping that tradition alive, of course this week we also shot some pictures again in a sunflower field! It’s not the same one that we’ve been to for the last two years, but it’s still just as gorgeous.

This sunflower field is actually behind the Sunflower Field Ice Cream shop in Picton, Ontario. We stopped by on our weekend getaway two weeks ago in between our wine tastings. This place is the cutest! The ice cream shop serves a variety of different Kawartha Ice Cream and they also have non-dairy gelato options as well. I opted for a water-based mango gelato and it was sooo yummy. After devouring our ice cream, we went behind the little shop into the field to shoot these pictures. I decided to completely match the sunflowers by becoming a sunflower myself in this all-over sunflower printed jumpsuit. How cute is it?! While walking through the fields, we noticed that the clouds were starting to roll in and it started to rain lightly. However, we made the best of the situation and got some really cool shots together at the end. I love how the dark clouds in the last picture totally contrast with the bright and cheery sunflowers! And I love that my boyfriend and I were able to capture this picture together – he’s usually the one behind all my pics but this time, a really kind man (and photographer himself!) offered to take these shots for us!

For my last two sunflower posts, I also featured a song by my favourite band, Local Natives, so it only makes sense that I feature another song by them this week too. I believe I mentioned this on a different blog post a while ago, but they recently came out with a new album titled Violet Street at the end of April. I love this album and featured one of their songs, Elysian Park on here before. However, every single song on this album is so good and I couldn’t decide on one for this week. So instead, I’m sharing with you this mini documentary that was done in collaboration with Spotify where the band played a few songs off of Violet Street for a group of their fans on top of Elysian Park. This is hands down one of my favourite performances by them because it’s a more stripped down and acoustic set, forces the band to kind of play a different version than their album counterparts, while really showing off the band’s natural talents. And this set up!!! It is so stunning! I wish I was there because this whole performance is literally a dream. Hope you guys enjoy it just as much as I did! And here’s to many more years of blogging!

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