speak about it, or my love you start to doubt it

IMG_5593IMG_5743Dress: Reformation (similar) | Straw Bag: Vintage (similar)IMG_5638IMG_5747IMG_5704IMG_5616IMG_5720

I have some exciting retail news for my fellow Canadians, more specifically Torontonians. If you haven’t heard yet, LA-based sustainable fashion brand Reformation has just opened up their first international store and it’s in Toronto! You guys know that I am always trying to be more conscious about my environmental footprint, hence one of the main reasons I love thrifting. And that’s also the reason I admire the Reformation brand so much – they’ve redefined fashion and proven that you can still be cute and stylish while still doing good for the environment.Β  You can check out the new Reformation Toronto store at Yorkdale Mall. And if you don’t live in Toronto, don’t fret because they’ve also made it easier for Canadians to now shop online! All prices on their website now include duties, which means no extra charges or fees when it arrives on your doorstep (because that’s just the biggest nightmare). If you live outside Canada and the United States, their website also now offers free worldwide express shipping. And be on the lookout because the company has plans to open up shop in other international cities as well, so you never know, yours could be next!

So with this super exciting news of one of my favourite brands finally opening in my home city, of course I had to rep the brand this week. Reformation is known for their summer dresses, so of course I’m sporting one of their signature styles. This dress is super light and breezy and I love the cutout in the front. It’s perfect for this hot and sticky summer weather! I paired it with this straw bag that I thrifted last summer. How cute are the little bamboo handles on it? I think it’s the perfect summer accessory and goes so well with the dress. Reformation also sells a ton of straw/woven bags too, but I highly recommend checking out your local thrift shop first.

Before I move onto this week’s song, I wanted to let you guys in on some funny behind-the-scenes of shooting the pictures from this week’s post. These pictures look like they were taken in a large, open field right? Wrong! They were actually taken on a small hill close to my house. The hill actually has a walkway beside it and a sidewalk below it that leads to one of the main roads. When I was taking these pictures, there were tons of cars driving by and I could tell the confusion on their faces as they drove by wondering what the heck this girl was doing sitting on this random hill hahah. Not to mention that because the hill is quite steep, I actually almost fell and twisted my ankle when I was coming down it! The things we do for the ‘gram. In the end though, I’m so happy with the way these pictures turned out! I love how the weeds in the grass right now have bloomed tons of dandelions, daisies, and little flowers all around. I actually think it’s so pretty!

Now onto this week’s song because I am SUPER excited about it. The last time I was this excited to share a newly released song was when Tame Impala’s “Patience” came out. Well a week ago, Matt Corby and Tash Sultana released their first collab together, titled “Talk It Out” and I am OBSESSED!!!! And I have been since the very first listen. Seriously, this song is like an Australian love child between the two. Although each of their musical styles are so different with Corby being more acoustic/folk, and Sultana being more funky and experimental, this song combines the best of both worlds into one groovy ass tune. I’ve literally had this on repeat all week and it’s still going strong. Definitely give this song a listen below!

Also, let me know what your favourite sustainable fashion brands are and what you guys do on a daily basis to help the environment. I would love to hear your tips!

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