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If you missed my post from last week where I go over some of my favourite trails to hike within Joshua Tree National Park, you’ll want to check it out here! I mentioned that one of them was the Cholla Cactus garden, so this week, I take you there! The Cholla Cactus garden was actually what I was most excited to visit within Joshua Tree because I had seen so many pictures of it beforehand, and you guys know my love for anything cacti/succulents!

Upon arrival at the cactus garden, we were greeted by a never ending sea of cacti everywhere. I was in heaven! There is also a short trail through the garden that lets you get a better view of these cacti. However, despite how cute these cacti are, be careful! If you’ve ever been pricked by one, you know how bad it hurts.

I made the mistake of wearing open-toed sandals on this day, and at one point after taking some pictures, I stepped behind me and accidentally stepped right on top of a baby cactus. The thing pricked me so bad in several places on my big toe and even went through my sandals!! I was able to get most of the needles out, but there was one that had pricked me so deeply in my toe that every time I tried to pull it out, it just snapped off more and more. I was extremely worried, thinking this needle was going to be stuck in my toe forever, and I swear, my toe was also starting to feel numb after a while. Thankfully, we went back to the car and I told my boyfriend that I had nail clippers with me. He took the nail clippers and carefully gripped onto what was remaining of the cactus needle that was still sticking out and yanked it out of my toe. And let me tell you, it hurt like a bitch! Never again. So please learn from me and definitely wear closed toe shoes if you come here. Or just don’t get too close when taking pictures and always be aware of your surroundings.

Besides that little hiccup during our time here, we absolutely loved the Cholla Cactus Garden. I’ve never seen so many of these cacti in one place at a time. If you do come to Joshua Tree National Park, definitely make this one of your stops.

Last week I forgot to include a song in my blog post, so this week I’m going to include one that was on our LA playlist as we drove around the city and of course, as we made our way to Joshua Tree. Take a listen to When We Were Young by Lost Kings below. Such a fun song about that free-spirited feeling of being a kid. That’s definitely how we felt while we were out here in the desert.

That brings us to the end of our Joshua Tree adventures! And almost the end of our LA trip. After Joshua Tree, we headed back to the city for a few more days where we just hung out on the beach and relaxed before heading home. This was definitely a California adventure for the books. LA, I already can’t wait to be back in you!



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