i used to be free, i used to be seventeen

IMG_0880Slip Dress: Vintage Christian Dior (similar / similar) | Cardigan: Zara (similar) | Booties: Vince Camuto (similar)IMG_0936IMG_0857IMG_0911IMG_0926IMG_0893IMG_0858IMG_0947IMG_0948

Slip dresses have been everywhere for the last few years. You’ve seen them from literally every retailer from Forever 21 to Reformation, but there’s just something so sweet and dainty about a little vintage lingerie slip dress. You can’t find anything quite like it in stores today. The one that I’m wearing is actually a vintage Christian Dior slip dress that I thrifted in the lingerie section and I’m pretty sure I freaked out when I saw the label. I absolutely adore it and I feel like this is a piece I’ll have in my wardrobe forever. Since I couldn’t link the exact slip dress, I’ve linked two similar vintage ones from Etsy above, make sure to grab them ASAP since they are one of a kind after all!

To go along with my silks and satins, I love mixing them with something of the opposite style to balance out the “sexiness” of it. In this case, it’s the chunky cardigan. The heaviness in the cardigan instantly makes the whole outfit more casual and wearable for everyday. In the summer, I would actually pair this slip dress with chunky Doc Marten boots to add a little grunge element so the outfit is not too feminine. But for this week, I decided to go along with the girly vibe and just add in all neutral pieces to keep the look soft and streamlined.

This outfit is actually the complete opposite style of this week’s artist – Sharon Van Etten. If this name sounds familiar, perhaps you’re a fan of the OA?! Because aside from being a talented musician, Van Etten actually plays Rachel on the hit Netflix series. I actually came across her music randomly on Spotify recently, and when watching the OA, her name came up in the opening credits and sounded so familiar. Needless to say, Sharon Van Etten is clearly just as talented of an actress as she is a musician. And if you haven’t checked out her music, definitely give the song Seventeen a spin. I’ve been loving this tune lately because of it’s chill vibe. It’s perfect for those long drives or lazy Sunday mornings. If you’re a fan of The National, you’ll definitely be a fan of Sharon Van Etten too!

And speaking of The OA, I just finished up season two last week, and I have SO much I’d love to discuss with you guys! This season was so good and I actually enjoyed it way more than season 1. Whereas I felt like season 1 definitely helped build up the story line, this season you’re introduced to more characters and you really start to understand the complexity of all these different dimensions and how they’re connected. This season was definitely satisfying in the sense that it answered some of our burning questions from season 1 (such as if The OA actually made up this whole thing from the Amazon books), but also opened the door to so many more unanswered questions at the end. I don’t want to spoil anything in case you haven’t watched it yet, but if you’ve already watched it, comment below or let’s talk about it on Instagram!



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