give a little light in the dark

IMG_0733Sweater: Free People | Skirt: Zara (similar) | Booties: Vince Camuto (similar)


While everyone else is at Coachella this weekend or just enjoying the warmer weather wherever they are, we don’t have the luxury of being out in short skirts and dresses just about yet here in Toronto. If you’re from Canada, you know that our winters are LONG and the chill in the air tends to linger around even longer. So this week’s outfit is my idea of a perfect spring look – incorporating spring colours and patterns with a fall/winter staple of a chunky sweater.

I probably wear sweaters about 8 out of 12 months a year, so I have quite a large collection of them. The one that I’m wearing here is from Free People, and I absolutely adore the lace details and big balloon sleeves on them. Not to mention that this is such a high quality, thick sweater, guaranteed to keep you warm during the spring days or even on chilly summer nights. To “spring up” this chunky sweater, I paired it with the most Spring appropriate skirt I had in my closet. Florals and pastel colours for spring, groundbreaking. Doesn’t matter though because I love this skirt and I actually think the patchwork details make it more unique. I’m a sucker for almost any long floral skirt and was instantly drawn to the unique shape of this one. One thing that I find so fun with fashion is that you can literally mix and match anything you want! That’s why I love this outfit – pairing the chunkiest sweater with such a delicate and soft chiffon skirt you wouldn’t normally think of pairing together, but somehow it just works. Of course I finished off the look with these taupe suede booties that I’ve worn in almost all my recent outfit posts because they just go with everything and I’m obsessed!

During this time of year, I’m usually more in a low-key, relaxed type of mood. The dread of the gloomy winter days are over and I’m looking forward to warmer days ahead. Summer is usually just go-go-go, with a new and fun adventure each weekend. I love that, but it gets quite tiring and I usually end up feeling drained by the end of it. That’s why the Spring time is the perfect time for me to just chill and prepare myself for the hectic Summer days ahead. Of course, I can’t properly relax if I’m not accompanied with some chill music. So this week I decided to share with you a new song by Benjamin Francis Leftwich that I’ve been loving to listen to when I’m just at home on a lazy Sunday morning or going for a late night drive. The song is called Big Fish, and it comes off his latest album which was just released about a month ago.

Big Fish is about trying to help someone who’s feeling down or in a crappy situation altogether. Trying to help that person see what’s really going on and trying to get them the help that they need. If you’ve ever been in such a situation, I’m sure you can relate to how hard it is actually get out of. You become very comfortable with the person you’re with or the friends you hang out with, you convince yourself that they care about you, and that ultimately clouds your reality. It’s your true friends and family that will tell you the truth, and even if it’s not what you wanted to hear, you know that they’re probably right. This song relates all of that through the lens of that true family or friend who will be there no matter what. You can try to help someone, but at the end of the day, you can’t really help them unless they WANT to get out of the crappy situation and are willing to receive your help. So all you can really do is just be there for them.

Now aside from the deep meaning behind this song, I actually find this song to be so soothing! It starts off quite mellow, but halfway through, it really picks up. The heavier beat starts kicking in, the rhythm quickens, and the vocals also become more prominent and faster-paced. It continues this way until it finishes off with the same line that the song opens with, bringing the tune full circle. I love songs that have a change in melody because it’s like telling a story. You start off slow to build the storyline and characters, and then quickens in the middle as you hit your climax, and then finishes off slow again as the story ends.

Take a listen to Big Fish below, I hope you find some calmness in this song in the same way that I have.

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