livin’ life in phases, another season changes

IMG_9799 (2)Two-piece set: Vintage (similar) | Cowboy Boots: Vintage (similar GORGEOUS vintage pair // similar Free People pair) | Belt: Vintage

IMG_9865IMG_9825 (2)IMG_9868IMG_9801 (2)IMG_9817IMG_9869IMG_9895

I didn’t even realize until I added all the tags in this blog post that my entire outfit is vintage/thrifted! You guys know I love thrifting because what better way to kill a few hours, find one-of-a-kind pieces for dirt cheap, and still be sustainable!? The two-piece set that I’m wearing was actually for sale at one point on my Etsy shop and I couldn’t believe that it didn’t sell for several weeks. That’s the thing with running my own vintage shop – it’s easy to pick out things that will sell well like vintage Levi’s and oversized Tommy/Champion sweatshirts that everyone always wants, but I also LOVE unique and pretty vintage pieces which can be a hit or miss since everyone’s style is so different! I always try to throw in a nice mix of pieces I know will sell well and pieces that I personally love. This two-piece set was one of the latter. The fact that it didn’t sell right away gave me a chance to re-evaluate it and realize how much I love this set, so I ended up taking it down and keeping it for myself! And I’m so glad I did!

The soft, muted colours and subtle floral pattern on this set are just so dainty and sweet. So perfect for this season and I can’t wait to pair them with some slides for the summer. For the spring time since it’s still a bit chilly, I thought I would pair them with cowboy boots. These boots I also found in my local thrift shop and I literally couldn’t believe when I found them in such good condition and in my size! Cowboy boots are such a huge trend right now and I had actually been on the hunt for a pair myself, but when I came across these for literally $15 and in the most versatile brown leather, I immediately grabbed them, tried them on, and knew they were going home with me. Pairing them with a more feminine outfit definitely helps to tone down the Wild West vibes that cowboy boots naturally give off, and instead help balance out a girly outfit.

Cowboy boots are definitely here to stay and will be the perfect footwear choice coming up for festival season. Speaking of festival season, I previously mentioned in this blog post about a band that I predicted will be super heavy on the festival circuit this year, and that’s Tame Impala!! Well to my delight, they’ve been announced for several more summer music festivals and they FINALLY released new music just a few weeks ago!

Tame Impala’s first single “Patience” since their 2015 album Currents has had me hooked since the first listen. You know that feeling when you’re just so excited to get in your car and drive with your favorite tunes blasting and just have a little dance party by yourself? That’s me with Tame Impala’s “Patience”. This song has made those sitting in rush hour traffic situations actually FUN because I just jam out to this song in my car every single time. And not many songs do that for me. This song just makes me excited and always puts me in a good mood. It is very disco inspired with heavy synths, truly a catchy song that I guarantee you’ll become obsessed with. Take a listen below and you can thank me later!



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