good thing i don’t exist for you at all anymore

IMG_1931Two-piece Set: Vintage (similar) (similar)| Booties: Vince Camuto (similar)IMG_1856IMG_1946IMG_1893IMG_1943IMG_1913IMG_1914IMG_1915

How amazing is this rust orange vintage two-piece set?! Let me just start by saying that this is another one of my recent thrift finds from my local Salvation Army that I scored for just under $10! If you know me, you know I have been obsessed with this rusty orange/brown colour ever since the Fall. I know it might not be the most appropriate colour going into Spring, but I can’t help it! It’s too pretty. And the floral pattern embroidered throughout just makes it that much prettier.

I love a good two-piece set because you don’t need to think about your outfit at all. Just throw them on together and you instantly look put together. This set is so flattering because the top is super oversized, but the skirt is very slimming and straight, so the pieces balance each other out perfectly. Another great thing about sets is you can get so many different outfits out of them by pairing each piece with something else already in your closet. This top would be so cute with skinny jeans, and I think this skirt would look so cool paired with one of my vintage Harley tees tied up. Because this set is vintage, I couldn’t link the exact one, but I am selling some other amazing two piece sets in my shop such as this one and this one.

Last week I shared a new song by one of my favourite bands Local Natives. And this week I’m sharing another new song from another one of my favourite bands, The Maine. There has been so much amazing new music coming out over the last few weeks that it makes me so excited! So The Maine recently released their single My Best Habit a few weeks ago and I love it. I’ve talked about these guys so many times before and they’re definitely one of those bands that I have grown up so much with. From first discovering them on MySpace back in 2007 to going to Warped Tour a few times just to see them, to stopping by every show they do in Toronto and meeting the band on several different occasions including after their concerts and at record store signings, these guys have pretty much been a huge part of my life since I was in high school. Despite the fact that their music and lyrical style has matured so much over the years, they have always remained the most down to earth group of dudes in the music industry. Never forgetting to be eternally grateful and thankful for their fans, they’ve cultivated the 8123 family which has become an almost cult-like community of artists and fans that support one another in every aspect.

My Best Habit is a song about doing YOU. Living life for yourself and no one else, being yourself and not trying to please anyone else anymore except for yourself. Doing what makes you happy. This is something that I always strive to live by. There have been so many things that I’ve done that may seem unconventional to some, but then again, it’s my life and who said there were ever any rules in how to live it? It’s always so weird to me that society has instilled these “norms” in us that we must finish high school, go to college/university, find a good job, get married and have kids. Who ever made the rules that this was what we had to do? I’ve mentioned it briefly before on my blog, but I actually quit my full-time job in Category Management at one of the largest grocery retailers here in Canada after working there for a few years because I was just fed up. I absolutely hated my job, my commute was the absolute worst, and it was just too damn stressful for me to handle. I ended up going back to school to pursue a post-grad in something that I’m SO passionate about and I couldn’t have been happier with my decision. But I remember when I first mentioned to a few people that I quit my job and their reply was “But that was such a good job, you didn’t have to leave.” Um yes I did. I had to go after what would make me happy, and that job just wasn’t doing it for me. I don’t think it ever did to be honest, it was just something I jumped into upon graduation.

Point is, there is no rule for how to live your life. You can always go back to school after working for many years, you can choose to get married when you’re 50 or never at all, you can choose to have 15 kids or none at all, YOU DO YOU! Don’t listen to the opinions of others because they don’t know you like you know yourself.

Thanks The Maine for reminding me of that. Take a listen to My Best Habit below! And if you have a few more minutes to spare, Jared Monaco from the band released this inspiring article from the band’s upcoming book release which touches on the whole idea I just discussed. Reading that article actually touched me so much that it brought tears to my eyes. Please give it a read!



2 thoughts on “good thing i don’t exist for you at all anymore

  1. GIRL! This post is amazing. I loved every word of it!! I love sets too! They are so easy and so versatile!
    Omg I love The Maine! They were a band I loved listening to growing up and still love to enjoy. 😊

    AMEN SISTER. I relate to this so much, as I left Dietetics school because it wasn’t what I truly wanted. So many people were disappointed because it was “respectable and had security”, but I rather do what I truly wanted!!
    Thank you for sharing this love!!
    Rachel, xoxo

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    1. Your comment just made my day!! Thanks girly! I’m so glad you can relate to this too 😊 And I’m so happy that you chose to just listen to yourself and do what you wanted. I’m sure you are so much happier now and honestly that’s all that matters. ❤️❤️


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