leftover breakfast, cereal for lunch

img_1636Sweater: Aritzia Thais Cardigan | Jeans: Topshop Mom Jeansimg_1676img_1583img_1683img_1628img_1671img_1689

These last few weeks have been the laziest for me!! And I blame it all on the bitter cold weather. For real though, I don’t think there has been a day over the last few weeks where it’s been above -15 degrees. Especially the last week, it’s gone down to as low as -30!!! So I’ve pretty much just been hibernating at home with hot tea, Netflix, my heater, and some cozy flannel sheets!

Because it’s been so cold out, it’s been impossible to shoot outdoors as well. Hence the change of scenery this week. So instead, we tried to make do and shoot at home. When I’m lounging around at home in the winter, I usually opt for an oversized sweater and some kind of sweat pants. But for the sake of this blog and looking somewhat presentable, I decided to throw on my new cardigan and my favourite pair of mom jeans. It’s nothing special (because who really tries that hard when they’re just at home anyways?), but is super comfy and I think the details on this cardigan are the cutest! I’m obsessed with balloon sleeves, and the deep V neckline and perfectly cropped length make it so flattering. Not to mention that this cardigan is insanely good quality! I already bought it in two colours haha. I can’t wait till it warms up and I can wear this cardigan out! I’ve linked it above if you’re interested!

Since I’ve hardly left my house and have been feeling super lazy at home, I had to pick a song this week that totally fits that mood. The first song that came to mind was Glass Animals “Season 2 Episode 3”. First off, let me just say that it feels so odd that I’ve never featured a Glass Animals song. I’ve been obsessed with their music for the last several years, and their album in which this song is off, How To Be a Human Being, was hands down my favourite album of 2016. Every song on this album was written about a particular person. Not exactly their friends or family, but just normal, every day people. The song Season 2 Episode 3 in particular is about a lazy girl. Literally. Someone who does nothing all day. As said by the band, the song is about a girl whoΒ “spends her entire time watching TV, lounging around, not doing anything, being high, eating mayonnaise from a jar”. And that’s literally been my mood for the last two weeks hahah.

If you’ve never heard of Glass Animals before, I guarantee they’ll be something totally unique to your ears! Their sound blends together so many different genres and they always have the coolest beats, from African inspired beats to video game inspired beats. Take a listen to Season 2 Episode 3 below! And hopefully you guys are staying warm wherever you are, I definitely do not wish this bitter cold weather upon anyone. It’s brutal. Stay warm!


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