walking hand in hand, the night’s coming to an end

IMG_0583Plaid Pants: Forever 21 | Balloon Sleeve Sweater: Forever 21IMG_0573IMG_0637IMG_0591IMG_0656IMG_0657

I can’t believe this year is almost over! It seems like it passed by right before my eyes. But not without some amazing fashion and music of course. Be on the lookout for a post recapping my favourite fashion trends from this year, as well as my favourite albums. End of the year lists are always my fave.

This week’s outfit is a typical one for me, and one that probably looks similar to you guys. You all know by now my obsession with plaid pants and anything camel/tan/beige toned. So of course this week’s outfit is just a accumulation of some of the current fashion I’m loving. The best part? This entire outfit is super duper affordable as all the pieces are from Forever 21. Make sure to shop the links above!

One of my favorite parts about this time of year is when Spotify comes out with their year in review, curated especially for you by your listening patterns over the year! It’s so interesting to go back and see all of the different music that I listened to over the year, from the very first song I listened to in 2018, to the oldest song that I listened to, to of course my top artists and songs of the year. While I’ll say that the majority of them are not surprising to me at all, there were quite a few tracks that did surprise me!

One in particular is this week’s song – BBBLUE by Milk & Bone. I actually didn’t realize that I had listened to this song so much over the year, but then I realized I had it on one of my monthly favorite playlists as well as my Osheaga playlist for the summer. Milk & Bone are a super chill electropop female duo based in Montreal. I feel like they had such a big year in 2018, with the release of their latest album Deception Bay. I also noticed that they toured tons this year to promote their new album. Unfortunately I never had a chance to check them out live, but perhaps 2019 will change that. BBBLUE is off of their latest album and is such a chill song, you definitely need to check it out below!

Don’t forget to let me know what some of your favorite fashion trends and favourite songs from 2018 were!

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