there are dreams you have not dreamed

IMG_0796IMG_0674Sweater: Free People | Plaid Pants: Brandy Melville | Coat: Zara (similar one ON SALE!)IMG_0802IMG_0767IMG_0691IMG_0812IMG_0821IMG_0826

If you live in Canada or somewhere that gets really cold during this time of year, you know that chunky sweaters are your best friend. I have so many that I’ve collected over the years that I literally have no more space for anymore. BUT, this whole balloon sleeve trend has got me lusting over all the cute sweaters again that have come out this year! You’ve probably seen these sweaters everywhere, and everything from the slightest little balloon to the most dramatic and voluminous sleeve, but finding the perfect one is not easy. I scoured and scoured through several online shops, even braved it and went to the mall during this busy time of the year, and couldn’t find the perfect one. So many of them look cheap, or the sleeve just wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but then I saw this gorgeous sweater on Free People and I knew I had finally found my perfect sweater for this season. This sweater is quite substantial in weight so you know it’s thick and will keep you warm. The quality of it is amazing and it even has some lace detail that runs along the front which makes it so unique from all the other ones. Finally, the balloon sleeve is the perfect size. Not too subtle but not too voluminous that it’s not wearable for everyday either. I’m in love and can’t wait to wear it all throughout the winter!

As you all know, I’m also obsessed with plaid pants right now, so of course I paired this sweater with my new favourite pair. I love that these pants are in a brown colour because I’m also obsessed with that colour right now! This entire outfit kept me warm and made me feel so chic while out on this chilly day.

Aside from cute sweaters to keep you warm, one of my other favourite things about this time of year is all the great new music that comes out! A few blog posts ago I mentioned LANY’s new Malibu Nights album which I’m obsessed with, one of my other favourite bands The 1975 just released an album, and my all-time favourite artist to see live, Andrew McMahon also just released a new album! His third album under the Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness moniker titled “Upside Down Flowers” came out about three weeks ago and believe me when I say it, I think this is his best one yet. I’ve talked about Andrew McMahon a few times on this blog before, but if you’re unaware, he used to be the frontman for the bands Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin. I’ve been following his musical career since the very beginning when Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin songs were the ones to get me through my moody middle school and high school days. But naturally, Andrew McMahon has matured tremendously into his Wilderness phase, and I feel like I’ve grown up alongside him this entire time.

His new “Upside Down Flowers” album is more laid-back and honest than his last one, but in the best possibly way. It looks back on his journey from the beginning of his musical career when he was just a teenager in Something Corporate, to now being married and a parent to his adorable daughter Cecilia. There are definitely very strong and beautiful ballads on here, but also some songs that are very reminiscent of his old sound as well. If you’ve ever been a fan of Something Corporate/Jack’s Mannequin, you definitely need to give this album a listen too. Each song on this album is so endearing, personal, and earnest, it’s like sitting with an old friend chatting for hours by the fireplace over endless glasses of wine. It was really hard for me to pick a favourite off this album as all the songs are amazing, but a stand out to me since the first time I heard it is “This Wild Ride”. This song was written as a lullaby for his daughter, and I just remember listening to it for the first time while driving in my car and thinking how beautiful it was that it almost brought me to tears (I cry easily, I know lol). But really, this song is just gorgeous in it’s simplicity but touching and emotional nature. I’m travelling to Buffalo to see Andrew in the new year, and I already cannot wait. As mentioned before, he is hands down my favourite artist to see live so you guys definitely need to check him out if he comes to your city!

Please give This Wild Ride a listen below and don’t forget to also check out the entire album. I’m currently compiling my favourite albums of the year and you already know that “Upside Down Flowers” is on it.


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