Fully Thrifted $10 Outfit!

IMG_1014Sweater: Thrifted (similar)| High-waisted Mom Jeans: Thrifted (similar)| Belt: Thrifted | Booties: Aldo (similar)IMG_1017IMG_1025IMG_1028IMG_1038IMG_1015IMG_1094IMG_1095

As most of you probably know, I absolutely love thrifting. It’s one of my favourite past times, and a great way to kill a few hours on a lazy day especially when the weather is crappy outside. I love thrifting for myself, but I definitely don’t need anymore clothes, so I tend to sell a lot of my finds on my Etsy shopΒ , which consists of one-of-a-kind, curated vintage, all hand picked by yours truly!

Now I’m not here today to try and promote my Etsy shop, but to encourage all of you to go out there and check out your local thrift shops! My entire outfit that I’m wearing in this post came from the thrift store (minus the shoes, I have a phobia with feet so used shoes just aren’t my cup of tea) and it all cost under $10!!!!!! Can you believe it?! About two weeks ago, Value Village (Savers if you’re in the States) had one of their popular 50% off sales, so of course I headed to my local VV to take advantage of it.

First off, this sweater! What’s funny is that I actually had my eye on a similar fuzzy brown button up sweater from Zara but just never got around to purchasing it. The sweater from Zara was $50, but guess how much I thrifted this one for? $3.50!Β What caught my eye was the colour and the texture. Always keep your eyes peeled for things at the thrift store that catch your eye. There’s stuff everywhere so you can easily be distracted, but something as simple as running your fingers along the top racks to see if a certain material catches your attention is a simple way to shop at the thrift. As soon as I saw this sweater, it instantly reminded me of the one I had wanted from Zara, but I actually like this one more because it’s thicker, way better quality and is just so damn cute! Not to mention that I have been obsessed with brown lately (you guys already know if you read this blog post). I felt like I was already scoring big with this initial find.

Moving on to the jeans that I’m wearing. I actually didn’t find these in the jeans or the pants section. I happened to stumble across these while I was in the dress section and these jeans were just lying on top of the rack. Clearly someone else’s loss was my gain. And that’s my next tip for all of you: always check every ounce of the store, including items thrown on top of racks, or any take-backs from the change room. This ensures you don’t miss a thing, and also, if something caught someone else’s eye but they happened to pass up on it for whatever reason, it’s likely to catch your eye too. It can often be quite overwhelming at thrift stores with stuff everywhere, so when I randomly came across these jeans, I was instantly drawn in by the beige colour of the denim. It’s so rare to come across jeans in this colour, and this pair was a true vintage mom jean (likely 80s/90s era) and were brand new with tags still!! Another big score for me. They happened to fit perfectly at the waist, but were a bit long. With pant lengths though, it’s an easy fix. You can easily hem them, or in the case of denim like I’ve done here, usually just cuffing them will do the trick. That’s my third tip for you: if you love something at the thrift store but it doesn’t fit quite right, see if it can be altered or just find another way to wear it! It’s usually worth it since the item is inexpensive to begin with, and you may regret it if you don’t pick it up since it’s highly unlikely you’ll come across it again. These jeans came in at $4 with the half off discount.

Now finally to finish off this look, I headed over to the belts section and found this genuine leather brown leather belt. I love how simple and classic this belt is, and the gold buckle was just a win for me (I love gold hardware, and tend to shy away from silver). I knew this belt would tie my entire outfit together, and for only $2, how could I not get it? So my final tip is to never forget to check the accessories section! Some of my favourite vintage leather belts and purses have come from the thrift.

My total cost for this outfit including the sweater, jeans, and belt came in at a whopping $9.50 (not including tax)! This just goes to show you that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to look good. I absolutely am in love with this whole outfit and honestly can’t wait to wear each piece again. Aside from being sustainable and great for our planet, it’s amazing finds like these that remind me why I love thrifting so much. If you guys like any pieces from my outfit, I’ve tried to link similar options above so you can achieve a similar look. But I encourage you all to head out to your local thrift store and just test your luck! See what you can find and get creative with it!

Let me know what you think of my $10 outfit in the comments below. Also, if you’ve thrifted anything amazing lately, let me know! I would love to read all about it.

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