my mind makes noises

IMG_0083Sweater: H&M | Slip Dress: Vintage Christian Dior | Booties: Jeffrey Campbell Czech BootIMG_0122IMG_0137IMG_0072IMG_0125IMG_0179IMG_0092IMG_0181IMG_0182

If you know me, you know that I’ve been obsessing over pink lately. In particular, I’ve been loving that dusty/mauve pink colour that’s been trendy for a while now, but honestly, who can resist any kind of pink? I know you don’t normally think of pink in the Fall/Winter, but when I saw this adorable pink sweater at H&M a while back, I thought it was the perfect way to incorporate my childhood favourite colour into an otherwise drab winter wardrobe! 

To take this look even further, I decided to go all out and do an entire pink look. This slip dress is actually a vintage Christian Dior lingerie piece that I scored for a few bucks while thrifting a while back. I normally wouldn’t wear something like this out of the house, but layered with the sweater on top, it makes for such a cool yet unexpected look. The chunkiness of the sweater perfectly contrasts the delicate silk and lace of the dress, and it works. The pink shades are similar in that they’re both more cool-toned, but they’re different enough that it still adds dimension to the whole look. To keep with the whole light colour theme, of course I finished off my outfit with my favourite boots right now – these badass white combat boots. Again, these chunky boots mix so well with the feminine slip and tie in perfectly with the sweater. Honestly, I had my doubts when I tried on this outfit and my boyfriend called it “ugly”, but now looking back on these pictures, I’m actually in love with it! It just goes to show you that you should always trust your own gut when it comes to dressing for yourself, and never let any man dictate what you should and should not wear!

One of the biggest downsides of the cooler weather is that it makes me just want to stay inside and cozy up with blankets and tea and Netflix all day. Who else can relate? So unfortunately, I’ve hardly been out to any shows recently. Who am I anymore?! In fact, I didn’t even realize how much I had missed going to concerts until I looked back at my Instagram story highlights and realized that Osheaga music festival in August was the last time I had seen any live music!! This was so unlike me, so this past week I decided that this needed to change, and my boyfriend treated us to a fun night out at the Pale Waves concert.

I actually saw Pale Waves live almost exactly a year ago. They played a tiny venue in Toronto last year, but this year, they had upgraded to a larger one. They were so good once again, I honestly had a blast and it made me fall in love with live music all over again! At the time, they also had only released three singles, and just this past September, they released their debut album “My Mind Makes Noises”. So much has happened for this Manchester based band within the last year, and I can tell that big things are on the way for them within the next year as well. You may remember that I’ve talked about Pale Waves being the next big pop band before in this blog post. They’re actually touring in support of The 1975 next year where they’re sure to gain tons of exposure and skyrocket in popularity. I’ve been a huge fan of their music since the beginning. All of their songs are catchy as heck, full of synths and guitar riffs, and hooks upon hooks upon hooks. And with the release of their debut album, they do everything that we already love about Pale Waves, but 10 times more. The opening line in their song Noises is of the same album name, and I’ve been obsessed with this song ever since I first heard it. It’s such a good pop song all about body consciousness that so many young girls face today, but with a tinge of awareness of the problem, giving way to hope for receiving help. The entire album deals with  everything that young adults deal with including young love and self awareness. If you’re in the mood for a solid indie-pop album, definitely give Pale Waves a listen. My Mind Makes Noises has been one of my favourite pop releases of the year, and maybe it will be yours too!

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