we don’t need the city, the creed or the culture now

IMG_0470Plaid Maxi Dress: Urban Outfitters | Sunnies: Ray BanIMG_0504IMG_0457IMG_0487IMG_0508IMG_0528IMG_0412IMG_0557

It’s officially October, which means we’re full blown in the midst of Fall season, and what’s a more Fall appropriate activity than apple picking? We decided to have some fun and drive up to the apple orchard on a sunny Sunday morning and pick from a variety of different types of apples to make some delicious apple crumble. With the warmth of the sun shining down on our faces and a little brisk wind in the air, it was the perfect Fall day for this fun little adventure!

Whenever I think of going apple picking, I always think of cozying up in a plaid flannel while riding tractors out into the farm. While I do love plaid flannels for their warmth and coziness, I wanted to wear something where I could take advantage of the beautiful weather on this day since I knew it wouldn’t last long. That’s where this gorgeous plaid maxi dress came in. The plaid pattern is obviously reminiscent of the Fall season, but the maxi dress is such an easygoing Summer staple of mine. Finished off with some little flat booties that were super comfortable for walking up and down the rows of apple trees.Β It was perfect.

Since we’re talking all things Fall, it reminded me that around this time two years ago, I attended the Foals concert in Toronto with my boyfriend, and it completely blew our socks off. Like damn, it was so unexpected, but in the best possible way. We’ve gone to a lot of concerts over the years, and I remember thinking that this was one of my favourite concerts ever, and my boyfriend even agreed. The band has so much energy playing live, and it’s honestly a completely different experience than just hearing their album. When played live, all of their songs seem to have way more edge to them. They seem more rock n roll, more punk. And it’s just destined for a good time.

Now if this band doesn’t sound familiar to you, maybe their hit song Mountains At My Gate does. This song came out in 2015 and was a huge success. One of my favorite Foals songs though has got to be My Number. This is a classic Foals song that I’m sure any fan would agree is super fun to hear live. So if you’ve never checked out this band, My Number is definitely a good place to start. Make sure to listen to it below, and if Foals is ever touring near you, I highly 10/10 recommend checking out their show!

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