keep your time, keep your mind, keep humble

Two Piece Set: Free People | Sunnies: NordstromIMG_3371IMG_3343IMG_3338IMG_3391

Within the last week, the weather has cooled down significantly here in Toronto. I was wearing shorts and a crop top one day, and literally the very next day I was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. Sigh. I guess there’s no denying that Fall weather is already here and there’s nothing to do about it. Instead of feeling depressed and curling up into a ball to hibernate until the warm weather is back, I’ll be putting together some Fall themed outfit posts and some transitional outfits over the next couple of weeks. To accompany the fall outfits, I’ll be featuring some tunes that are perfect for cuddling up with a warm cup of coffee/cider/tea/whatever drink you prefer in hand. I suppose Fall doesn’t have to be all that bad after all.

When it comes to transitional clothes, it doesn’t always have to mean taking your summer crop top and wearing it with a cardigan thrown over. Transitional clothes can also mean clothes that were actually made for the in-between seasons. When it comes to this, I always think of summer outfit concepts and colour schemes, but in a more heavy-weight fabric or just a long sleeve/pant version. This two-piece outfit is exactly that. The crop top is obviously a summer clothing concept, but with the long sleeves and matching long wide-leg pants in a heavier, thicker cotton fabric, this outfit is made for strolling down the leaf fallen streets in the fall. And who ever said that no white after Labor Day was actually a rule? Although this set is more beige than white, the light colour scheme typically associated with warm weather dressing takes on a whole new meaning in this full silhouette for fall. When worn together as a set, this outfit is perfect for the cooler season ahead.

Like I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, the great thing about sets is their versatility in wearing each piece individually to maximize your outfits. Once the warm weather rolls around again, this crop top would be so cute paired with high waisted denim shorts, and the wide-leg pants would look great over a form-fitting scoop back bodysuit.

To get you into the fall spirit, the song this week comes from Noah Kahan and it’s his debut single Young Blood. Whenever I think of fall music, I’m immediately drawn to slower, mellow, acoustic tunes with stunning, strong vocals. This song gives you all of that, but is still catchy enough that you’ll actually wanna play it on repeat all throughout the season.

If you’re unfamiliar with Noah Kahan, definitely get to know this 21 year old Vermont native. His songs are absolutely beautiful. Young Blood in particular contains lyrics full of youthful wisdom with the main theme of always staying true to oneself whilst navigating the unknown world. I’m sure this song is relatable to so many of you at one time in your life or another, and for me, that time is now.

I’ve mentioned before that this month, I headed back to school for the first time in 5 years to pursue a post-grad in a completely different field than the one I was working in. In order to do this, I quit my full-time job. So far, I’m glad with my decision as I’m learning about something that I’m truly passionate about. I’m much happier overall. But of course, I’m also nervous for what’s to come after. Will I find another full time job in the field that I love? That remains in the unknown. And the unknown is scary, but it’s also exciting. Throughout all of this, like Noah says in his song, the most important thing is to “keep your time, keep your mind, keep humble”. That’s all I can really do.

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