draw the pictures in my head of you and i, fall in love before the ink is dry

IMG_3064IMG_3225White Crop Top: Reformation Contessa Top | Pants: Faithfull the Brand Torrent Pants (similar) | Straw Bag: Vintage | Striped Crop Top: Charlotte Russe | Beige Shorts: VintageIMG_3106IMG_3236IMG_3038IMG_3165IMG_3125IMG_3255IMG_3130IMG_3252

Summer may have come and gone but the warm weather is still here to stay. So I decided to put together two warm weather outfits, because why not? I didn’t get to wear too much of it this past summer, but I think it’s a summer staple, and that’s seersucker. I tend to think of seersucker as a much more nautical and preppy material which is not really my style, but I found these amazing wide leg pants and this crop top which I totally adore!

Although the wide leg of the pants do have a somewhat sailor/nautical vibe, I love that there are slits in the front so that your legs can actually breathe! The wrap around tie in the front also makes it much more casual and beach-y. Since the pants are so full, I paired it with a little linen crop top. I’m obsessed with anything puff sleeve right now, and this top also has the most adorable ruffles around the collar. Literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. To finish off the look, I wore my little straw bag with bamboo handles that I thrifted for a few bucks! If you’ve been on Instagram at all recently, you’ll know that straw/woven bags have been EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t believe when I found this while thrifting, especially because I’ve actually been looking for one with bamboo handles and this just happened to magically fall into my lap.

For my second outfit, I pretty much just reversed the first outfit. Instead of wearing seersucker on the bottom, this time I opted for a seersucker crop blouse. This one is super on-trend in terms of the tie front style, and I love that it has these voluminous flutter sleeves too. Like I said, anything puff sleeve or any kind of shoulder detail that adds volume, I’m obsessed with. I think it’s perfect for someone like me who has broader shoulders as it tends to hide them and instead draw attention to the details of the blouse. I think seersucker tends to look best with white/beige/cream colours for a crisp summer look, so again, I opted for something in that colour scheme for the other half of my outfit. These high waisted beige shorts are vintage, which again, I scored for a few bucks while thrifting. They were a little bit long, but all I did was cuff them and iron into place. Voila! No sewing required. The detail around the waist of these shorts is stunning and isn’t something we see often on bottoms. But the best part about these shorts? They’re SUUUPER high waisted! I love that because then I can wear them with very cropped tops and it’s not all too revealing.

In last week’s blog post, I featured a song that was on repeat from my Summer 2018 playlist. This week, I’m featuring a song by a band that I’ve been listening to on repeat as well over the course of the summer, and that’s A R I Z O N A! In particular, I’ve been listening to their song Ain’t Gonna Leave a ton. It’s such a catchy and upbeat song that I’ve been obsessed with, and will definitely still be listening to even now that summer’s over. Take a listen to it below and let me know what you think!

What was your song of Summer 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

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