A Few Back to School Outfits

Summer’s coming to an end and it makes me so sad to have to come to terms with it. For now, while the weather is still warm though, I refuse to believe that summer is really ending. So if you still see a few more summer inspired looks on my blog in a few weeks, that’s why. However, with fall on it’s way, that means it’s time for back to school season!

Today, I’m sharing a few Back to School looks with you guys. These are outfits more catered towards University/College, and if you’re not in school, you can still draw inspiration from them because these would make super cute and casual weekend outfits as well. I actually graduated from University a few years ago, BUT… I am heading back to college this fall to pursue a post-grad certification in a completely different field! To be honest with you, when I graduated, I never pictured myself going back to school. But life works in funny and unexpected ways, and I can honestly say that I’m so excited to be starting this new chapter of my life!


IMG_2479IMG_2458IMG_2461IMG_2407White Blouse: Lioness Sweethearts Top | High Waist Mom Jeans: Vintage GAP (similar) | White Sneakers: Keds

When dressing for the classroom, I like to be comfortable and casual. And what’s more comfy and casual than jeans and a shirt? This first outfit which consists of high waisted mom jeans and a white top is just that. I chose to wear the white blouse because it’s more fancy than a t-shirt, and this style blouse is super trendy right now with the sweetheart neckline and slightly puffed sleeves. This blouse shows you at least put a little effort into your outfit, so I think this would be a great first day of school look.

IMG_2321IMG_2347IMG_2331IMG_2363IMG_2330Plaid Dress: Reformation Wilder Dress | White Sneakers: Keds

For my second outfit, I opted for this cute checked pattern dress. This is something I would wear if I needed to be a little bit more dressed up for class, perhaps if I had a presentation. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, this dress may look familiar because I actually have another dress from Reformation in this exact same print (see it HERE!). Checked and plaid patterns are always in for fall, and I love that this one is simple in it’s grey colour scheme, making it perfect for school. The long sleeves ensure you’re not too cold inside those AC cranked classrooms and also balances out the shorter length. In terms of the length, I always go by the old school rule of making sure the length goes past my fingertips to make sure it’s long enough. I finished off the look with the same white sneakers that I wore in the first outfit just to keep it casual. BUT if I was wearing this for a presentation, I would definitely swap out the sneakers for a pair of black flats instead.

IMG_2572IMG_2590IMG_2567IMG_2598IMG_2596Black Tee: Reformation Elsie Top | Cargo Pants: Forever 21 | Black Sandal Slides: Saks | Sunnies: Ray Ban

For my third and final look, I decided to have a little fun with it and try something different. Dressing for the classroom doesn’t mean it has to be boring, and what’s more trendy right now than those cargo pants that have been flooding your Instagram feed? I’m not usually one to wear cargo pants as I have to admit, it’s not particularly my style. However, I LOVE the pair that I’m wearing from Forever 21 above! These ones are much more tapered and slim fitting than regular cargo pants. Plus, they’re super high waisted making it much more flattering. I kept the rest of the outfit quite simple with the plain black top. The embellished belt fits right in with the entire outfit while giving it that extra bit of pizzazz. For shoes, I opted for black slides since it’s still warm out, but once the weather cools down, I would definitely wear this outfit with black Doc Martens instead. This is such a fun and trendy outfit that I think it would be perfect to wear to school on a Friday to finish off the week in style!

Let me know in the comments down below if you’re heading back to school this year and what you’ll be wearing for your first day!  And best of luck on all your studies this year!

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