Everything that’s broke, leave it to the breeze

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You guys, I just got back from the most insane, tiring, but absolutely AMAZING and FUN week in Montreal! My boyfriend and I were there for Osheaga music festival last weekend, and also spent a few extra days to hang out around the city as well. This was my second year attending Osheaga, and it was everything I love about festivals and so much more. Although my feet killed at the end of each day from walking around and dancing so much, it was worth every second. I’ll let you know my favourite bands and artists that I saw over the weekend later on in the blog, so make sure to keep reading!

But first, a few weeks before heading to Montreal, I headed to Terre Bleu lavender farm  and had a blast! Only about an hour away from Toronto, this is a wonderful place to get away for a day and enjoy the sunshine and lavender ice cream and lemonade. If you can’t handle the smell of manure and barn animals on a regular farm, definitely head to a lavender farm instead. Not only is it obviously beautiful, but it’s one of the best smelling farms you’ll ever visit! It felt like I was walking through an aromatherapy store the entire time. Just beware that bees LOVE lavender, so while we shot these pictures, we were actually getting swarmed by tons of bees at the same time. As long as you don’t bother them though, you’ll be absolutely fine!

I decided to wear this floral tiered maxi dress for the lavender farm, simply because of the colours. I love that this dress is blue based, but it has bits of purple flowers all over it. It matches perfectly with the lavender fields, but is not too matchy-matchy either. This dress is from the brand Jaase, which is an Australian based label. I mentioned before that I’m obsessed with Australian designers like Spell & The Gypsy Collective because they always have the most beautiful designs and prints. Jaase is no different. And the best part? It’s literally a tenth of the price of Spell! I purchased this dress last year at Winners (which is like a discount designer department store similar to Marshalls or TJ Maxx), for no more than $40. Steal!! Definitely check out your local Winners or Marshalls because I’ve seen this brand floating around recently in there again.

So as I mentioned earlier, I just came back from Osheaga last weekend. I saw so many amazing bands – some that I’ve seen live before, and some that I finally got to see live for the first time. One of my favourite artists from the weekend was hands down JAMES BAY! Holy crap, this guy is amazing live and if you haven’t seen him yet, you have to! There are some artists that just don’t sound as good live (which I will not name here), but James Bay sounded great, was so charismatic, and the crowd was loving every moment while singing along to every song. It was just such a fun and feel good vibe all around. As soon as he started playing Let It Go, the crowd could not stop singing at the top of their lungs to every word. It was so beautiful and surreal, that I literally started to tear up. Let It Go is one of my favourite James Bay songs, and to be in that moment just feeling so damn happy and surrounded by such positive energy was one of the best feelings. If you’re not familiar with James Bay or his song Let It Go, I’ve featured it below so definitely do yourself a favour and take a listen!

My other fave from the weekend included LANY, which most of you guys know I adore because I’ve mentioned them on the blog before. I’ve seen them live a few times, but this time was definitely one of my favourite times ever seeing them. I’ve been obsessed with their latest single Thru These Tears which came out a few weeks ago, and as my boyfriend had me on his shoulders above the crowd, LANY started playing that song! If that’s not a sign of the absolutely best time, I’m not sure what is. Probably my favourite moment from the entire weekend.

Other notable bands included Portugal. The Man who make it a point to play every instrument live, Tash Sultana who literally just jammed out and did her own thing, as well as Odesza (my boyfriend’s personal favourite of the weekend and for good reason – they always have the best visuals and lighting effects while sounding great!).

Did any of you head to Osheaga last weekend? If so, who were your favourite artists that you saw? Let me know in the comments below!


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    1. Aw thanks, I couldnt believe it when I found this dress for such a steal too!! Montreal is amazing, it’s one of my fave Canadian cities! It’s way more relaxed than Toronto but there’s still so much to do and see. Oh and don’t worry, I definitely had my boyfriend give me a foot massage at the end of our trip haha! 😂😂

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