Summer 2018 Linen Lookbook

IMG_1378IMG_0980IMG_1201Striped Linen Midi Dress: Free People | White Puff Sleeve Crop Top: Zara | Linen Trousers: Zara (similar)| White Leather Belt: Vintage | Opal Double Necklace: Gem&Co (use code “VICTORIAL20” for 20% off!) | Linen Ruffle Minidress: Reformation Kelsey Dress | Crescent Moon Necklace: Gem&Co (use code “VICTORIAL20” for 20% off!) IMG_1312IMG_0971IMG_1135IMG_1279IMG_0929IMG_1203IMG_1356IMG_0994IMG_1154IMG_1288IMG_1000IMG_1162IMG_1417IMG_1016IMG_1228

Now that it’s mid-summer, the days have been hotter than ever. And what better way to stay cool than to drape yourself in the most breathable fabric of the season – linen! Linen is always a go-to for the hot and sticky months because it allows air to flow through the fabric, therefore allowing your skin to breathe.  It’s woven from larger fibres, which means that there are gaps in the fabric because it’s not as tightly woven (compared to cotton and most other materials). Because linen is also a more structured material, it doesn’t cling to your body! Clothing made from linen always tends to fit more loose, which again, allows air to flow in and keep you feeling nice and cool. And if you do happen to sweat it all out, don’t fret! Linen will absorb all your body’s moisture without holding any bacteria.

If that’s not enough to inspire you to incorporate linen into your summer wardrobe, perhaps the greatest benefit of linen is that it’s one of the most sustainable fabrics out there. Linen is made from flax plant fibres, which can be grown on rougher terrains where it’s unsuitable to grow food. When shopping for linen clothing, look for those that are made in Europe rather than China, as those linens tend to be processed and cultivated without any chemicals. And finally, if left untreated (ie. not dyed), linen is fully biodegradable. Winner!

Now don’t get me wrong, I know linen has been around forever and has never seemed like the most luxurious fabric, but nowadays, there are so many cute linen options out there. I’ve noticed that pretty  much every retailer and online shop is carrying linen right now, so getting your hands on something that suits your style shouldn’t be a problem.

Now that you’ve got your linen outfit on and you’re staying nice and cool, sit back and let Nina Luna’s dreamy new single take you for a relaxing ride. Nina reached out to me a few weeks ago with her new song Keep Me and I’ve literally been obsessed with it ever since. The song was written, recorded, produced and mixed by Nina herself, and the end result is just beautiful. As she describes it, Keep Me is a “sultry, bittersweet slow-jam for the dog days of summer”. Perfect for listening to on these hot summer days while you’re relaxing in your linen outfit. Cheers to that!

6 thoughts on “Summer 2018 Linen Lookbook

  1. Babe I’m obsessed with your style! I love this so much! Linen is really having a moment right now, and I’m loving it! Super love that white top ❤
    Great post girly!
    Rach, xo

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