summer nights, love ’em how they take so long


Off-shoulder Crop Top: Brandy Melville | Striped Pants: Free People (similar)| Two-piece Set: Free People

Last weekend being that it was the Canada Day long weekend, my boyfriend and I spent a couple of days up north at Algonquin Park camping. Our days were filled with hiking, laying out along the lake, swimming, BBQ-ing, and nighttime bonfires on our campsite. We had such a fun and relaxing weekend, it truly was the best way to spend the holiday. Nonetheless, there’s no denying how incredibly hot and humid it was! I’m pretty sure most of Toronto and the surrounding area has been in the midst of a heatwave for the last two weeks. During our camping trip, the temperatures were feeling around 40 degrees Celsius with the humidity. With no break from the heatwave (no A/C for us in the great outdoors), it was important to dress as comfortably as possible so we didn’t melt away.

My first outfit of our camping trip included this black off-shoulder crop top paired with these flowy striped pants. When trying to survive the heat outdoors, I love to dress in super loose and comfortable clothing. This top and pants were perfect for that. The billowy-ness in the pants allow air to come in and out, making it super breathable. The shoulders and neck are also left bare with the top, again, allowing the breeze to hit you in the right spots. There’s nothing worse than wearing tight clothes on a hot and humid day and having them stick to your body. Yuck.

One of my other outfits for just lounging at the campsite was this barely there two-piece set. A few posts ago, I mentioned how obsessed I currently am with two-piece sets. Another thing that I’m currently obsessed with? Anything LINEN! This set is a cotton-linen blend, which makes it very lightweight and breathable, perfect for the summer. If my entire summer wardrobe could be made out of linen, I would be in heaven (speaking of, I will do a separate post on my favourite linen pieces soon). I would never wear this revealing of a set out and about walking around the city, but for just lying on the beach or chilling on a campsite, I think it’s perfect.

Since the first official long weekend of the summer has come and gone and we are now in the midst of it, I thought it’d be the perfect time to feature one of my summer jams this week! The song this week is Kings of Summer by ayokay. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re missing out! I love this song for this time of year. To me, it’s literally the epitome of what summer should be like.Β  It’s all about the carefree spirit of the hottest season – doing crazy (and stupid) shit with your friends, staying up late, and just being alive. This song gives me the “IDGAF, I’m doing what I want” kind of vibe. Nostalgic summertime lyrics mixed with a catchy and infectious beat, this is one song you’ll definitely want to add to your summer playlist this year.

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