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I’m SO excited for this week’s blog post because if you know me, you know that I pretty much live for music festivals! Music festivals combine the two things I love most (and pretty much what my blog is all about) – music and fashion, in the most laid-back and fun environment.  There’s something for everyone at a music festival, whether it be the music, food, fashion, or just the good ole company. Now I know I might be a bit late since quite a few music festivals have already happened this year, but better late than never right? When Coachella took place back in April, I wrote a blog post sharing a few of my festival tips (read it HERE!), and I also promised a full festival lookbook, so this is what you’re getting this week! Below are three festival ready looks that I’ll be rocking at Osheaga Music Festival in August this year. I’ll be breaking down each look plus giving you some tips at the end on what to wear and pack so you can stay comfy all weekend long. Remember, music festivals are all about having fun with your friends while seeing your favourite bands perform, so these outfits are styled with that in mind.

F R I D A Y | D A Y 1


Three-Piece Set: Free People Love Triangle Set| Sunnies: Nordstrom | Booties: Free People 

For the first day of the festival, you’re feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes your way. Since the excitement is running high on day one, I tend to wear one of my favourite looks of the entire weekend. Screw saving the best for last. If you’re that excited, you’re probably wearing your best look on the first day. And if you read last week’s blog post, you’ll know how obsessed I currently am with matching sets. So of course for festival season this year, I gotta rock an amazing matching three piece set! This one from Free People comes with a matching bandeau top, skirt, and kimono. Effortless, easy-peasy, super comfy, yet still so boho-chic. Perfect for a festival. I love playing around with prints and patterns for festivals because it’s one of the only places where you can get away with wearing pretty much anything (or nothing haha). This set mixes tie dye, paisley, floral, AND the most beautiful bead work. Finished off with a fringe backpack (you always need a little fringe in your festival look) and tan booties, this look will keep you cool and comfy and ready to take on the rest of the weekend.

S A T U R D A Y | D A Y 2


Leopard Kimono: Mendocino (similar) | Bodysuit: Zara (similar)| High-waisted Shorts: Vintage Levi’s | Booties: Vintage | Sunnies: Rayban

From my previous festival experiences, I always find that Saturday is the day that all your favourite rock bands are playing, and the night is finished off with either a current popular alt-rock stadium band, or one of the greatest classic rock bands. So of course, my day two outfit is my festival take on a more rocker-chic look. Dressing in all black instantly makes you look badass, but mixing in a bit of leopard instantly helps to elevate the look to the next level. I like to think of leopard as a neutral because even though it’s a pattern, leopard still goes with EVERYTHING! Because of that, I thought it would be fun to finish off the outfit with these amazing black and white vintage western cowboy booties. They’re a bit out there for most people, but I think they’re super fun for a festival and go great with the rest of the outfit.

S U N D A Y | D A Y 3


Maxi Dress: Free People (similar) | Sunnies: Nordstrom

By Sunday, you’re gonna be quite pooped from singing and dancing your heart out from the last two days. The last thing that’ll be on your mind at this point is trying to put together an outfit to get you through the day but is still cute. This is when a maxi dress that you can easily just throw on comes in handy. Super easy and requires no effort, but you’ll still look put-together. Of course you can wear any kind of dress that you like, but I prefer a maxi length because it’s more comfortable and sways beautifully against your body when dancing to your favourite bands on the last day. The one I’m wearing above is from Free People, and I think the colours and pattern are so beautiful and perfect for a festival. The hemline is also asymmetrical, adding to the bohemian vibe, and looks great with little tan booties, and even better when dancing barefoot in the grass.

M Y  F E S T I V A L  E S S E N T I A L S

Backpack:  As pictured in my first outfit above, a backpack is always a good idea for a festival. Purses are way too tedious and tend to hurt your shoulder throughout the day with all your belongings in there. They also get in the way when you’re trying to dance or just maneuver your way through the large crowds. A cute backpack allows you to keep your hands free and hold all your stuff without sacrificing comfort!

Comfortable Booties: Speaking of comfort, you always want to wear closed-toe, flat shoes at a festival. Although your idea of what this is may differ, my idea of a perfect festival shoe is a comfortable bootie. Festival grounds tend to be mucky from all the people walking around mixed with the unpredictable weather, which can turn the grass into a stomping wet mess.  You definitely want to wear some durable, heel-less (or very low heel) booties while at the festival. Closed-toe also means that you don’t have to worry as much about people stepping on your feet while dancing in a large crowd.

Cover-Up (Kimono):  When you’re at a festival, you’re not there for just a few hours. You’re usually there the entire day and into the night as well. During the day, it gets really hot with the sun beating down your back, but as soon as night time falls, there’s a chill in the air. Having a cover-up (I love kimonos as you can tell) to throw on at night is just what you need to retain warmth as you watch the day’s closing band.

Denim Shorts:  If you’re absolutely stumped on what to wear to a festival, you can never go wrong with a good pair of cutoff denim shorts! A longstanding festival staple, denim shorts are comfortable, durable, and can go with pretty much anything.

Portable Battery Charger:  If you’re at a festival with a ton of your friends, there will be times that the bands you want to see may overlap with a different band that your friends may want to see. You don’t need it to turn into a one or the other type situation – just split up so you can all see the artists that you want to see, and meet up again afterwards. Carrying a portable battery charger for your phone gives you peace of mind that your phone will stay alive long enough to reunite you with your friends at the end of the night.

Water Bottle:  Perhaps the most important thing for a music festival- a reusable water bottle!! You’re out there singing/dancing your heart out all day long under the boiling hot sun. You definitely need to be drinking lots and lots of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day (especially if you’re drinking alcohol too!). Most festivals don’t allow you to bring in water bottles already filled up, so just bring in an empty one and fill it up once you’re inside. Festivals always have free water refill stations all around the grounds. Bringing your own bottle also allows you to avoid paying the hefty price for one inside the festival.

I hope you guys found this helpful if you’re heading off to a festival this year! If you are heading to one (or have already gone to one this year), let me know in the comments below which festival you attended and who your favourite artist/band that you saw was! I would love to know!

On that note, I leave you this week with a band that’s quite heavy on the festival circuit this year. I’m super stoked to see them at Osheaga in August! If you’re up for a stomping good time and they’re headed your way, you definitely need to check out Rainbow Kitten Surprise. I’ve been listening to all their songs on repeat recently, and in particular, I can’t get their song Wasted out of my head. You’re welcome. And happy festival-ing 🙂

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