you’re fire, but sweet, hot coals beneath my feet

IMG_7583Sweater: Aritzia | Pants: Brandy Melville Tilden Pants | Booties: Jeffrey Campbell Starburst | Sunnies: Ray BanIMG_7587IMG_7608IMG_7560IMG_7547IMG_7498IMG_7581IMG_7634IMG_7639

As you can probably tell from these pictures, we’ve finally been getting some sunshine around here! Hopefully this set of pictures will be one of the last where you’ll see me wearing a sweater for a while, because I’m so excited to post more Spring/Summer appropriate outfits coming up now that the weather has finally decided to cooperate. Speaking of which, you do not want to miss next week’s blog post as I will be launching something SUPER EXCITING for this season! Definitely stay tuned.

For this week’s outfit, I wanted to have fun with these super cool striped pants. They’re from Brandy Melville which I know is a bit controversial for some because of their one size fits most standard, but I actually think these pants could fit many as they are super stretchy! Aside from the elastic waistband, the material itself that these pants are made from have a very good amount of stretch to them as well. Because of this, they’re also very comfortable. Β When I’m not wearing high waisted mom jeans, my other go-to for bottoms are fun, printed, comfortable pants! I usually prefer more flowy, bohemian styles of pants, but these striped ones have found a way into my heart. Brandy Melville also makes this exact same style of pants in a variety of different prints and patterns, but I personally think these vertical stripes are the most flattering. If you didn’t know, vertical stripes help to elongate the legs, and who wouldn’t want legs for days?! Just like how horizontal stripes tend to make you look wider, vertical stripes make you look leaner. With that said, these pants are definitely one of the more flattering pairs of printed pants you’ll find.

To go along with the print of these pants, I decided to keep it more simple on top with this sweater. Although plain, this sweater has some distressed details on the hem of the waist and the sleeves, adding a little bit more edge to this look. If it were a warmer day out, I would definitely swap out the sweater for one of my vintage Harley tees instead. To finish off my outfit, I thought I would play up the pattern in the pants by pairing them with these amazing studded booties. These booties instantly elevate any look and add a bit of of that badass, rocker-chic vibe to any outfit.

So if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember that I mentioned a band called LANY which I discovered through my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist a few years ago. Let me just say that if you’re not listening to your Discover Weekly playlist, you’re missing out big time. This specially curated playlist on Spotify is made just for you based on the kind of music and artists you listen to. And all I can tell you is that it’s always spot on. For me anyways. I’ve discovered some amazing bands through this playlist, LANY being one of them, and this week’s band, flor, being another.

When I first stumbled upon Warm Blood by flor on my playlist, I was instantly hooked. I played the song again and again and then proceeded to go on their page to listen to all their other songs. The band blends indie rock with synth pop to create catchy atmospheric sounds, perfect for those warm summer nights. Warm Blood in particular is one of my faves by them, perhaps because it’s the first song I ever heard by them, but is also the whole reason why I fell in love with this band in the first place. This is one of those sweet, innocent, love songs, expressing unconditional love for another person no matter the circumstances. Young love at its finest. Β So fitting because I actually saw flor perform this past Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. They were amazing live, way better than I expected, so full of energy that it made me fall in love with this band even more.

If you’re into bands like LANY, Smallpools, or COIN, definitely check out flor and their debut album “come out. you’re hiding”.

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