we can go to the chateau marmont and dance in the hotel room

IMG_5904Dress: Free People Flora Midi Dress, Booties: Topshop May Sock Boots, Necklace: TopshopIMG_5937IMG_5883IMG_5899IMG_5920IMG_5884IMG_5939IMG_5979IMG_5983IMG_5964

Ok, how gorgeous is this burgundy midi dress? I’ve actually had this dress for a while but I’ve been saving it for the perfect opportunity to wear it. When we decided to shoot some pictures at the beautiful Guildwood Park, I knew it would be perfect! The burgundy colour is even more rich in person and the embroidery detail even more beautiful and intricate.  I thought the style, colour and detail of the dress just went so well with the detailed carvings of the columns in the open Greek stage, which was constructed from leftover pieces from the old Bank of Toronto building.  Guildwood Park is absolutely beautiful and even hosts outdoor weddings in the summertime. Definitely worthy of a visit if you’re from the Toronto area and looking for a new place to wander around and discover on a nice afternoon.

I decided to keep the rest of the outfit minimal since this dress is such a standout piece on its own. Paired with simple black booties for this time of year and just a simple gold necklace, this dress was perfect for a slightly more dressed up day at Guildwood. This dress would also be great for the spring time since it’s made from a lightweight, breathable crepe material. I can’t wait to pair it with cute mules to wear it out when the weather becomes warmer.

Now I know Guildwood is not exactly the Chateau Marmont, but this is close enough as I could get to re-creating my idea of dancing in a fancy shmancy “hotel room” without actually having to spend any money on one. Whereas the Chateau Marmont is obviously much more Old Hollywood glamour than this, I think Guildwood still gives off a similar sophisticated and luxurious vibe.  All of this just so I could use Angus & Julia Stone’s song Chateau for this week’s post. You probably know the Aussie brother-sister duo from their hit song Big Jet Plane, but if you haven’t heard Chateau, one of the singles off their newest album yet, you definitely need to give it a listen.  Just like last week’s song, I’ve had Chateau on repeat over the last month or so. I’m obsessed with the laidback, smooth yet groovy song that this is.

The song is about two lovers who run away to the Chateau Marmont and all the while get swept up in the fantasy and romance of it all.  Although these situations are obviously not the most realistic for day to day life, the spontaneity in the idea of it is so fun and carefree that it’s worthwhile to do something like that with your significant other at least once in a while.  Even just something as simple as planning a last minute day trip somewhere or just trying a fun and exciting new activity that you’ve never done together before. Something to make you feel those butterflies all over again. And if I were to run away to the Chateau Marmont, this dress is exactly what I would wear.

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