Waking up warm in your arms and without a care

IMG_5753Dress: Forever 21 (similar) / (similar), Necklace: Topshop, Shoes: Keds ChampionIMG_5776IMG_5782IMG_5756IMG_5800IMG_5853IMG_5870

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it’d be appropriate to share with you guys this week what I would wear for the occasion. For a casual date, I would go for a flirty and playful minidress in Vday-appropriate colours of red or pink. This one is perfect because it meets all the above mentioned criteria. To keep the look casual and fun, I decided to just pair it with plain white Keds sneakers. This is something I would wear if I was going for a daytime date look – either a casual brunch/lunch, or even a playful activity like mini golfing. For a dressier dinner look, swap out the sneakers for heeled booties instead and you’re good to go.

The song this week is obviously one to get you into the Valentine’s Day spirit, and it’s Good Together by Honne, a London based electronic duo. Pretty much any song by Honne is perfect for the occasion as they’re all about combining soul with electronic synths to create smooth yet catchy love songs. If you’re into Chet Faker, definitely check out Honne.

Funny story, but Honne was actually the first and only concert I’ve ever attended solo. This was about two years ago at a tiny venue in Toronto and I had bought a ticket the day before, but it just happened to be the very last ticket before the show became sold-out. I was really into them and wanting to see them live quite bad, so I figured I might as well go on my own, even if I had to go solo. Β If you’ve ever been to a concert by yourself, you probably understand the awkwardness of waiting alone in between the opening set and main set. Β And if you happen to be at a standing concert like this one was, it’s even more awkward as you stand around by yourself, fumbling with your hands and staring off into space. I spent that entire time looking down at my phone pretending I had tons of important texts to reply to, as well as a solid 20 minute bathroom break in between to kill time. Β And to top it all off, everyone at the concert was with their significant other (I guess I should’ve known better since it’s a Honne concert after all), which made me feel like my loneliness stuck out even more. Although I would’ve preferred to have attended the concert with someone, it was all worth it in the end because as soon as Honne came on, my self-consciousness of being alone immediately went away. They were absolutely amazing live!

On a brighter note, hopefully you all are spending Valentine’s Day NOT alone, but with someone special, whether it be your lover, a friend, or a family member. Make this a day to spend some quality time with someone you care about! And even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, perhaps you can spend the day with some good music, starting with a listen to Honne’s Good Together below, because it’s a great song nonetheless.

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