when the nights grow cold and it’s all gone to rust, we can turn it into gold dust

vick12 (1)Velvet top: Reformation Fez Top, Jeans: Topshop Mom Jeans, Velvet Dress: Forever 21, Booties: Aldovick2 (1)IMG_5462 (1)vick1 (1)vick9 (1)vick5 (1)vick8 (1)vick3 (1)vick10 (1)vick4 (1)vick11 (1)vick6 (1)vick13 (1)vick7 (1)

What’s more glamorous and luxurious than velvet, especially when it’s in the colour gold?! Not much else that I can think of.  So I decided to drape myself in just that this week. Typically a more formal fabric reserved for holiday parties, I decided to keep the winter festivities alive by wearing velvet post holidays. Thankfully, it was just above freezing (which is considered warm for Toronto winters!) temperatures outside when I took these pictures, so it was the perfect occasion.

The velvet top is from Reformation, and I adore how low-cut it is. It’s the perfect going out top as you can dress it up with black skinnies and heels, but for the daytime, I decided to dress it down with light washed mom jeans to balance out the sexiness on top. On the other hand, the dress that I’m wearing is definitely more formal and would’ve been perfect for a holiday party. I never had a chance to wear it this holiday season though, so of course I decided to bust it out for these pictures.  Fall and winter are definitely the seasons to rock velvet since it’s a heavier fabric, yet it still remains effortlessly chic and fashionable. Even just mixing in a little bit of velvet through an accessory, like a handbag or shoes, instantly gives your outfit a bit more glam – something we all need to help us look and feel our best during these cold and dreary winter months.

The song this week is Gold Dust and it comes from singer-songwriter, Michael Joseph Nelson, better known as Banners. I’m sure many of you have heard of him already, with his hit song Shine A Light which garnered significant radio play in 2016. Gold Dust comes from the same debut EP.  This song is perfect for this time of year, a reminder that when most of us feel drab from the dark and cold days, there’s always the opportunity to see the good in it. Perhaps just going home to cozy up with your significant other, binging that new Netflix series you’ve been meaning to find the time for, or finding a new indoor hobby, we always have the option to make the best of each and every situation.  Sometimes we just need a little help is all.  So don’t let the winter blues get you down, put on your favourite velvet piece and make the rest of your winter days shine!

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