my top 5 album releases of 2017

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Since 2017 is coming to an end and every other online publication is publishing their “Best Of” lists, I decided I would do one as well. Since this blog is a space where I love to talk about music, today I’ll be counting down my Top 5 Favourite Album Releases from this past year.

5.  Melodrama – Lorde

This year, Lorde came out with her much anticipated, second full-length album, Melodrama.  This album has received rave reviews from almost everyone, and I agree to no exception. Melodrama is a more grown-up followup to Pure Heroine, where Lorde explores and experiences the world as a young woman looking to find, embrace, and love herself.  There is a bit of romance, but must of the album revolves around the growing pains of going from a teenager to a young woman in today’s society.  All the while, the album still consists of those infectious pop hooks on songs like Green Light and Supercut,  with more ambient and atmospheric sounds on The Louvre. Check out Melodrama on Spotify below.


4.  Presence – Petit Biscuit

It’s funny that I have yet to feature much electronic dance music on my blog, considering that I actually do listen to a lot of electronic music. One of my favorite electronic albums this year is by Petit Biscuit, an 18 year old from France. Prior to this album release, he had released several remixes and singles (Sunset Lover, anyone?), and had toured around the world this past year, pretty impressive, right? Presence is Petit Biscuit’s first full-length album which showcases his more melodic approach to EDM, including heavy synths and vocals. The standout tracks to me include Beam, Waterfall, and Wake Up, but the entire album feels complete, with each song transitioning seamlessly to the next. Petit Biscuit has crafted a great atmospheric EDM album, and at such a young age, it’s a given that he will have a great future ahead.


3.  A Moment Apart – Odesza

At number three, I have another electronic album. I told you that I actually do listen to a lot of electronic, right? This year, Odesza released their third full-length album titled A Moment Apart. I’ve been a huge Odesza fan for the last few years, and they’re actually one of the first electronic duos that even had me interested in electronic music in the first place. Prior to discovering Odesza, electronic was actually not a genre of music I listened to, or even liked all that much. But upon hearing Odesza’s music, I was hooked. Each song is so catchy and well produced. Their album A Moment Apart, is no different. This one might even be my favourite album by them yet, which says a lot, because I don’t believe there is one song by them that I do not like. Standout tracks to me on this album include Across the Room (ft. Leon Bridges) and Falls (ft. Sasha Sloan).


2.   LANY – LANY

My second favourite album this year has got to be LANY’s self-titled debut.  LANY has had an incredibly successful year,  with the release of this album as well as headlining sold-out shows around the world in support of the album. I’ve already talked about my love for LANY and my thoughts on their album previously (read it here!), so I will not go into it too much, but I will say that if you’re into atmospheric synth-pop with simple, millennial friendly lyrics, you HAVE to give this album a listen. Standout tracks include Dumb Stuff, Super Far, and ILYSB.


1.   A Deeper Understanding – The War on Drugs

My favourite album this year goes to The War on Drugs’ newest release – A Deeper Understanding. Similarly to Lorde’s Melodrama, A Deeper Understanding seems to be a popular choice amongst the music community this year, and rightfully so.  A Deeper Understanding is the followup to The War On Drug’s critically acclaimed 2014 album, Lost in the Dream.  A Deeper Understanding is so well-crafted that it literally sounds perfect, in the sense that every one of the several musical layers is so detailed and fine-tuned.  The result is an album with great depth, that is so meticulous and cohesive, each song working into the next, yet still has a broad range in tempos. This is one of those albums you listen to from front to back, truly savoring each and every moment.  I have also previously featured Thinking of a Place, the 11 minute song from this album on the blog (read it here), and although there is not one bad song on this album, my other standout tracks are Knocked Down and Nothing to Find.


2017 has been a great year of music, tons of amazing album releases but there are my top 5! Looking forward to new music in 2018. I will also be counting down my top 5 favourite concerts from this past year in a future blog post, so look forward to that very soon!

Wishing all of you a warm, fun and safe New Years!

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