you wanna love me but honey that ain’t ok

IMG_2149Top: Princess Polly, Mom jeans: Vintage Guess, Belt: Vintage, Shoes: Steve Madden


If you’re confused as to why I’m wearing open toed shoes and no jacket when it’s currently cold as heck outside in Toronto, it’s because these pictures were taken about a month ago, when the weather was actually still warm. That’s the crazy thing about Toronto weather – there’s no in-between. One day it’s warm and you can wear sandals and shorts, and the next day it drops about 30 degrees and you’re bundled up in a scarf and winter jacket. That’s why I decided to post these pictures this week, because it’s currently so cold that I’m dreaming of warmer days already.

Here I’m wearing a trend that was huge earlier this year and still going strong right now into the winter – voluminous sleeves. ย You can find these tops everywhere from fast-fashion retailers like Zara and Forever 21, to more higher end places too. Most of the ones you’ll find are made from a woven dress shirt kind of material, so that’s why I love the one I’m wearing from Princess Polly because this one is a knitted sweater-like material. This gives it an even more flattering fit because it lies perfectly on the body, is super soft and comfortable, and the material is not super thick so it’s still breathable. I had tried on several of these styles of blouses from Zara this past summer, and my issue was that they never fit me perfectly because the material just didn’t seem to work with the style of the shirt – making it so voluminous that you just ended up looking ridiculous. I paired this top with classic high waisted Mom jeans, which like I mentioned last week, is pretty much my go-to pair of bottoms in the fall/winter.

Onto this week’s song… I am BEYOND excited for you guys to take a listen to it because I guarantee you that this band is going to be your new favourite pop band as well as the next big thing. They’re PALE WAVES! They’re signed to Dirty Hit records, the same label as The 1975, and Matt Healy has even produced and directed their first few singles as well as their music video for their second single, Television Romance. In fact, I came across this band on Matt Healy’s Instagram page when he posted a short video clip from their music video for Television Romance. As soon as I listened to it, I couldn’t stop. I’ve probably listened to it about 100 times in the past week. ย Pale Waves’ sound includes infectious melodies, heavy guitars, and an 80s synth influence, which makes up their darker pop sound, but is catchy as heck nonetheless.

I also had the pleasure of seeing Pale Waves live a few days ago at The Baby G in Toronto and boy were they good. So full of energy, the crowd was singing along and dancing and just loving every moment of it. Although Pale Waves has only released three singles so far, they played a few others off their upcoming album coming out next year. Take a listen to Television Romance below because I promise you, you won’t regret it. And watch out for Pale Waves, they’re gonna be big.

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