i wanna tell you what my truth is, but it’s buried down inside

IMG_2687Dotted dress: Urban Outfitters, Booties: Aldo, Cardigan: ZaraIMG_2592IMG_2626IMG_2660IMG_2802IMG_2609IMG_2654

Fall is officially upon us and it’s that time of the year where the leaves are starting to change colour. The beauty of the reds and yellows in the leaves doesn’t last too long, so as soon as I noticed the change, we immediately planned a weekend day trip to the Scarborough Bluffs to try and witness them.  As I’ve mentioned in one of my earlier posts, the Bluffs is one of my absolute favorite places in Toronto. It’s beautiful no matter the time of year that you go, but in the fall, the colours of the leaves on the trees lining the cliff is just breathtaking. Although I think we went a little too early in the season, we were still able to see some of the reds starting to peek through the usual greens.  Hopefully I’ll have another post up soon which captures the fall colours better when they are at their prime!

To go along with the fall colours, I decided to pair this mossy green polka dot minidress on our stroll through the Bluffs. I love how the cut and pattern of the dress give it a vintage vibe, but the cut-out in the front keeps it modern. This dress definitely reminds me of something they would sell at Reformation, but for a fraction of the price! To keep it fall appropriate, I paired it with heeled booties and threw on an oversized cardigan (for when it gets chilly).

The song this week is Bishop Briggs’ newest single – Dream. I’ve been obsessed with Bishop Briggs for a while now.  This girl has a powerhouse voice yet a more shy and reserved stage presence, which makes her absolutely intriguing. We first saw her this past summer at Osheaga music festival and of course, she was amazing. Then last weekend, we went to the Alt-J concert at Massey Hall, and what a pleasant surprise when I found out the day of the concert that Bishop was opening for them! She was dressed up as Georige from IT for her performance, the exact same character my boyfriend decided to dress up as this year for Halloween, so an automatic win in my books. During her performance, she played Dream, which was apparently her first week of playing the song live since it was only released about 2 weeks ago.

Dream is such a relatable song because it is all about facing our fears. Everyone has fears, but not everyone is able to embrace and deal with them.  It’s always easier to avoid our fears, which is what most of us do because we do not want to deal with the uncomfortable process of facing them. Whether it be a conversation we are dreading, an activity that takes us out of our comfort zone, or perhaps a phobia, we always try to avoid getting ourselves into these situations due to our fears.  Sometimes it can be something as small as telling someone how we truly feel because we fear their reaction.  Whatever our fear is, it’s important to remember that we all have it within ourselves to confront it, we just need to find that courage.  We also have it within ourselves to embrace our fears.  This way we can continually push ourselves to work at it, and maybe one day that fear will be something of the past. And just imagine how liberating it must feel at the end, to know that you were able to conquer something that would’ve held you back before. It must all be worth it in the end.

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