we’re all monsters living in a dream

IMG_1643Cardigan: Zara, Harley Tee: Vintage, Mini Skirt: Brandy Melville, Rain boots: American ApparelIMG_1543IMG_1456IMG_1639IMG_1533IMG_1664 (2)IMG_1689

Halloween is only a few days away, so of course for this week’s blog post, I had to make it pumpkin themed! I had actually never been to a pumpkin patch before, so I honestly was not expecting the ground to be as muddy as it was. Thankfully I paired my outfit with short rain boots which made it easier to clean the large amounts of dried up mud on them afterwards. The colour of my brown suede skirt seemed to be very fall appropriate, and I thought it went perfectly with the vintage Harley tee. The bit of orange in the shirt ties the entire outfit together with the pumpkin theme as well! On this day, it was warm out (hence the miniskirt sans tights), but was still a little chilly (since it is Fall in Toronto after all), so I decided to throw on this huge knit cardigan on top. It gives the outfit a more cozy and casual fall feel, perfect for wandering around the pumpkin patch with a warm apple cider in hand.

Since Halloween is so soon, I decided to feature the song Forever Halloween by The Maine this week.  The Maine is a band which I have followed since the beginning of their career circa 2006-2007 when discovering new music on MySpace was the thing to do.  They are the one band that I feel like I have grown up the most with. Beginning more as a pop punk band, I resonated with them in my early high school days when I used to wear heavy black eyeliner, to now, a more alternative rock band which is what I tend to listen to more. Needless to say, I have definitely matured alongside their music. Their early songs used to be about girls and young relationships because what else would a couple of teenage boys sing about?  Nowadays, their music tends to be much more about the growing pains of life and the hardships that we are faced with day to day. The song Forever Halloween is a perfect example of that.

We all know that Halloween is supposed to be a fun day to dress up and be anyone/anything in the world. As long as we are anything but ourselves.  But sometimes, that turns into our reality as we try to navigate our way through the world and we’re faced with constant peer and societal pressures. In high school we try to be someone we’re not in hopes that it makes us seem cooler so that we can fit in with our peers.  Even as adults, we tend to project this false reality of ourselves so that we fit in at work or seem more likable in social settings, hoping it will help us get ahead in our careers.  The more untrue we are to ourselves, the more we start to believe and live in this false reality we have created. Forever Halloween is a sad song that explores this idea, perhaps so much so, to the point that lead singer, John O’Callaghan, even suggests that we become “monsters” by doing things that we would not normally do and may even go against our own morals, values, or beliefs while living in this false reality, or “dream”.  The truth is though, the only obligation we have in life is to be yourself.  That’s all we have to give, and that’s all we owe to ourselves.

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