there’s a turn in the road that we’ve been taking, let it set you free

IMG_1828Sweater: Free People, Jeans: Free People, Rain Boots: American ApparelIMG_1833IMG_1726IMG_1730IMG_1794IMG_1900

I know it’s kind of late into the season, but it has finally started to feel like Fall! And what is more appropriate for the season than a corn maze? We had so much fun trying to navigate our way out of this maze, all the while our feet felt like they were in sinking sand because it was so muddy everywhere that our feet were sliding around.

I decided to pair a simple but appropriate outfit for this occasion – a cozy sweater and jeans. The details on the sweater and the jeans are really what make the outfit more interesting though. I’m in love with the oversized fit of the sweater, because that obviously means you can eat your way through all the holiday dinners within the next few months, but still remain super comfortable. The frayed hem and sleeves also give this sweater a bit of edge. And paired with these busted knee skinny jeans in black, you have yourself one badass look. I tend to stick to mostly neutral colours for my fall/winter wardrobe, so it’s nice to have pieces like these where the details keep you from looking too plain and drab.

This week’s song is one that gives me serious fall vibes. I can just picture myself having this played in the background on a crisp fall day while sipping apple cider. It’s the first single off of The War on Drug’s latest album that came out in August of this year – Thinking Of A Place. It is a long song at just over 11 minutes, but it’s absolutely beautiful. Definitely worthy of the full 11 minute listen. Although I love the entire song, the fourth verse is definitely my favorite. The majority of the song is quite sad, but this verse gives it that bit of hopefulness, the idea that once you can come to terms with your own struggles, you will be free. Just like how there are several twists and turns in a corn maze but you will eventually find your way out, there are also several twists and turns in the road of life. Sometimes these unexpected turns may not seem ideal, but once we can come to terms with the situation, that every situation in life justΒ is what it is, we can instead focus on how we choose to perceive and handle the situation. Why choose to mope around a seemingly unpleasant situation that you find yourself in, when you cannot change the circumstances? This realization is what will set you free. Free to try and find the positive, free to react more positively, and eventually, free to continue on in the road of life.

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