wake the sleeping from their dreaming

pic4Jumpsuit: Free People All Patched Up Jumpsuit, Choker necklaces: Forever 21 and Topshoppic6pic5pic2

A few weekends ago I wandered through a nearby field and found a random couch. It was just sitting there in the middle of the field, seemingly very tiny at first among the vastness of the endless grass. As I approached the couch, I began to wonder if this was all a dream and I was just seeings things, or if this was actually real. And then I wondered how it even got there. It must’ve been quite heavy for someone to have transported it all the way and into the middle of the field. Β Then I thought about whether or not there were bed bugs hiding within the seams of the couch and maybe that’s why someone had thrown it there, and whether or not I should even sit on it. Β Finally I decided that this was just too cool and random, presenting itself as the perfect photo opportunity to capture the random patchwork pattern on the jumpsuit I was wearing. If you haven’t noticed by now, I love jumpsuits! They’re easy to throw on because you don’t have to think about putting an entire outfit together since it’s one piece. The more flowy the jumpsuit is, the more I’ll probably like it. This one from Free People is great because the pants are super wide and comfortable, but the top has a deep V cut which balances out the heavy bottom and makes it more flattering on the body. Once the weather gets cooler, you can even layer a cropped sweater on top and it looks like you have some really cool, patterned wide-leg pants!

This week’s song comes from Foster The People’s new album “Sacred Hearts Club”. Β I’ve actually had this entire album on repeat a lot in the last few weeks, but III, which is the album closer, has been a particular standout to me. The song starts off quite mellow and picks up towards the end when the beat and the synths become heavier. The line “wake the sleeping from their dreaming” has also stuck with me, as a constant reminder to come back to reality by focusing on the now. Stumbling across this random couch in the open field felt like a dream to me, but in fact, it was my reality. But how often can we say that our dreams are in line with our reality? Many times I would find my thoughts wandering and myself day dreaming about where I would rather be or what else I would rather be doing, thus taking away from my actual reality. But the most important thing I’ve learned is that there is nothing more important than being present in the current moment, for each moment is once in a lifetime.

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