surrounded by nothing but the nothing’s surrounded by us

IMG_0033 (2)Maxi Dress: Free PeopleIMG_0096blog11

These are the second set of pictures taken from our end of summer Algonquin camping trip. Yes, I hiked through the forest in this maxi dress. Yes, I received an odd look or two from fellow hikers. It was all worth it though for this amazing view from the top of the lookout trail, overlooking approximately 60 acres of the park. Literally surrounded by nothing but the beauty of our planet. Β Thankfully, this dress is made from a super breathable gauzy fabric, which kept me cool and comfortable during our hike.

I’ve had Youth Lagoon’s debut album The Year of Hibernation on repeat in my vinyl collection a lot recently. Β This album came out in 2011 and I remember listening to it from front to back endlessly when it first came out. Β I had never heard anything quite like it at the time – ambient and atmospheric, combined with Trevor Powers’ distorted vocals that I strained to make out in the distance – I was intrigued. Β To this day, even though Youth Lagoon as a band has come to an end, this album remains one of my favorite albums ever. In this post I’m featuring one of their more popular songs from the album – 17, but there is not one bad song on this album. I encourage you all to listen to it from front to back, like I did, and still do.

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