Do I grow or do I fade away?

picfxfile-1Jumpsuit: Free People Midsummer Dream Romperpicfxfilepicfxfile

Welcome to another week on the blog! Thank you all for your kind words on my first post last week, it really means a lot to me. The fact that so many of you took the time to even check out this blog is more than I could’ve asked for.

Today’s outfit consists of this awesome, super flowy jumpsuit from Free People. It’s the perfect piece to throw on on a hot summer day while lounging around the house (or even to sleep in, it’s that comfy!). And that’s exactly what I did while taking these pictures in my backyard. The perfect lazy Saturday, not doing too much, just contemplating life…

The song that I’ve chosen for this week’s post is Lewis Del Mar’s “Live That Long” and it’s a super special one to me. I’ve always said that the reason why I love music so much is because it’s amazing to me that someone else in the world knows exactly how I feel, and can put those feelings into words and make it sound nice, when I can’t even do so myself. That’s exactly what this song did for me. In fact, this song resonated so much with me that it actually brought tears to my eyes upon listening to the lyrics more intently. It represents exactly how I feel right now in my life, knowing that I will not be young forever, and to ensure that I live every moment doing things for me, myself and I. I never want to feel like I am stuck in a place while knowing that there is something else out there that’s a better fit for me. To feel stuck and not do anything about it is to settle for less than what I am happy with. Over time, I know that I would lose myself in things that didn’t matter to me, and my sense of being would slowly “fade away”. Why settle for that when I know that I can learn so much more, pursue my passions, better myself, and truly live in each and every moment? At the end of the day and through all of life’s ups and downs, all of us will grow old eventually and end up in the same place. So now’s the time.

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